2021 Achievement Awards: Setting the Standard of Excellence

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We’re still riding a high from the 2021 SEGD Conference Experience Philadelphia and celebrating our award winners! On Day 1 of the conference, SEGD honored five recipients with Achievement Awards, recognizing the people and companies who are setting the standard for excellence in experiential graphic design.


SEGD Distinguished Member Award

P. Michael Anderson

Senior Partner, Peregrine OKB, LLC

The SEGD Distinguished Member Award recognizes an individual for demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs. Past winners include: Anthony Ferrara, Kelly Kolar and Amy Lukas.

An SEGD Industry Member since 2014, P. Michael Anderson (“Paul”) brings more than 25 years of experience as a technical director and production designer of corporate, social, and entertainment events to his volunteer work with SEGD. Paul currently assists with all in-person SEGD national events as a technical producer, and since 2020 with the onset of the pandemic, he has supported SEGD’s virtual conferences. Paul is a Senior Partner at Peregrine OKB and also a technology consultant, technical trainer and nationally published technical illustrator. Paul has provided production design and management services to General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Qualcomm and Sun Microsystems.


SEGD Arrow Award


The SEGD Arrow Award recognizes exemplary service or dedication to advancing technologies and manufacturing processes, while providing the highest quality products for the experiential graphic design field. Past recipients include: 22 Miles, Designtex, and Nanolumens. 

Based in Burlington, Ontario, SignAgent has been an SEGD Industry Member since 2004. The company’s cloud-based software system revolutionized the planning, implementation, and maintenance of wayfinding and sign management. David Jorritsma, President of SignAgent, developed this powerful collaborative tool used by all project stakeholders—designers, facilities managers, event planners, and fabricators—in the creation of complex signage programs. Under David’s leadership, SignAgent continues to evolve. In 2019, the company introduced an iOS app enabling rapid on-location data collection for punch lists and onsite approvals. In May 2020, David invited the design community to share signage programs developed as COVID-19 responses which he then shared with the broader wayfinding community.


SEGD Insight Award

Muriel Bowser

Mayor, Washington, DC 

The SEGD Insight Award recognizes recipients for commissioning design works that have expanded the potential impact and engagement of experiential and environmental graphic design. Past recipients include: Apple, Walt Disney Company, The American Museum of Natural History and Amtrak, to name a few.

By commissioning the painting of the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in 50-foot-high letters on a two-block section of 16th Street NW in Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser harnessed the power of environmental graphic design to create an instant landmark and an important gathering place in the nation’s capital. Conceived in defiance of federal police who blocked DC streets during the George Floyd protests, the DC Public Works Department painted the words in bright yellow capital letters on June 5, 2020, creating a national focal point and safe space for civil rights protesters. Mayor Bowser took a stand by creating the mural and renaming it “Black Lives Matter Plaza” as a showcase for her constituents’ rights to free speech and public gathering.

Watch Mayor Bowser’s SEGD acceptance thank you video here.


SEGD Educator Award

Angela Iarocci

Professor, York/Sheridan Program in Design

The SEGD Educator Award recognizes recipients for demonstrating innovation in the theory and practice of design education, that not only integrates the needs of the industry, but serves to advance the field. Past recipients include: Joell Angel-Chumbley, Kristine Matthews and Robert Probst.

An SEGD Educator Member since 2003, Professor Angela Iarocci currently serves on the SEGD Academic Task Force. Angela is a Professor and Coordinator at Sheridan College in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design with academic specializations in information design, experiential graphic design, sustainable design and collaborative practice. In addition, she recently helped launch an undergraduate degree in Environmental Graphic Design at Sheridan College. Angela has served the SEGD community by participating in SEGD webinars, moderating panels at SEGD’s annual Academic Summit, and helping curate the Summits’ programs featuring other distinguished educators.


SEGD Chapter Chair Award

Dagnija Balode, Inguna Elere and Holgers Elers

Co-chairs of Riga Chapter (Latvia)

The SEGD Chapter Chair Award recognizes recipients for outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, strength and excellence of SEGD Chapters both locally and throughout the organization. Past recipients include: Zach Kotel, Cynthia Damar-Schnobb and Nick Kapica. 

This year’s SEGD Chapter Chair Award goes to the co-chairs of the Riga Chapter, Latvia: Dagnija Balode, Inguna Elere and Holgers Elers (all of Design Studio H2E). Under their leadership, this group of three has made the Riga Chapter a model for SEGD chapters around the globe. In its first year (2019) Riga quickly became a center of design discourse through a series of well-planned, thoughtful and high caliber events. Each event focused on timely and engaging topics including “Guidelines for Safe Public Premises in the Age of Covid-19 Design,” “Design & City” and “Design & Ethics.” Dagnija, Inguna and Holgers raised the bar for all of us.


To learn more about all of the 2021 SEGD Achievement Award Winners, you can find them at https://segd.org/segd-awards and the digital annual 2021 SEGD Awards Publication.