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SignAgent Pro™ And SignAgent Manager™ are produced by SignAgent Inc., a wayfinding services company based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. SignAgent aims to simplify sign management by helping clients set up, organize and maintain complex wayfinding operations. SignAgent also offers exemplary support services and extra assistance with anything SignAgent™ related, from template creation to customized reports to system set-up to location planning to sign programming.

David Jorritsma has extensive experience in message scheduling and location planning and is intimately aware of  the pain points of wayfinding designers and facility managers. David founded Jorritsma Design in 2006 as a service provider for wayfinding firms, but soon turned the company’s focus toward software development. In 2015, Jorritsma Design was rebranded into SignAgent Inc.

David first began developing SignAgent Pro™ in order to make his own work life easier. He soon realized there was a broader market need for better data management and synchronization in the wayfinding field. SignAgent Manager™ was a natural extension of the SignAgent Pro™ system, enabling facilities to make the most out of their significant investment in wayfinding design by offering complete control of sign inventory, creation and maintenance.

SignAgent Pro™ is now trusted by the world’s leading wayfinding design firms to plan and implement complex wayfinding systems. SignAgent Manager™ is used at some of the world’s largest and most complex facilities to inventory, maintain and upgrade wayfinding systems.

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