Muriel Bowser

Mayor Muriel Bowser
Washington DC

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2021 Insight Award

Muriel Bowser is committed to making sure every Washingtonian gets a fair shot in a growing and prosperous Washington DC. Her administration is focused on making DC;s prosperity more inclusive, advancing DC values, and building safer, stronger and healthier neighborhoods across DC's eight wards.

On November 6, 2018, Muriel Bowser became the first woman ever re-elected as the Mayor of Washington, DC and the first mayor to earn a second term in 16 years. Since taking office, the Mayor has taken bold steps to reset DC’s global and national competitiveness, speed up affordable housing production, diversify the DC economy, increase satisfaction in city services, and invest in programs and policies that allow more families to live and thrive in DC.

Mayor Bowser earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Chatham University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from American University, and received honorary doctorates from Chatham University and Trinity University. With more than 20 years of experience in local government, she first entered elected office as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in the Riggs Park neighborhood.

Mayor Bowser commissioned a 35-ft tall bold yellow letters proclaim, Black Lives Matter, a statement so simple. "Graphic design in.public spaces helps us align onto values that we enshrine as a community nation." The Black Lives Matter Plaza is a statement that reclaims the space of the city for the people.


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