About SEGD

We are designers of experiences connecting people to place.

Who We Are

A multidisciplinary community

We are graphic and exhibition designers, fabricators and architects, media developers and creative technologists, students and educators. Each of our members brings a diverse set of expertise, but we all share a common motivation: to make the built environment more inclusive and intuitive, emotive and engaging, sustainable and shared.

Our Vision

To enrich the human experience

For over fifty years, SEGD has been the go-to resource for wayfinding, placemaking, and experience design. Policymakers and developers look to us as thought leaders and expert collaborators. And we can see our members’ impact in the world around us: in SEGD Fellow Massimo Vignelli’s iconic NYC subway map; in the Universal Symbols in Health Care we developed with Hablamos Juntos; in our creation of the first ADA White Paper on accessible wayfinding—and in the multitude of ways experience design benefits the wellbeing of our communities.

Our work puts people at the center. We are motivated by our impact and our belief in the power of design to improve the human experience in the environments we create. We cultivate equity and inclusion because we value diversity in many forms, advocating for representation of all voices and equitable access to our profession. Learning is at the heart of our mission; we promote mentorship, knowledge-sharing, and continuing education. We build relationships, encourage strategic collaboration, and value a multidisciplinary, cooperative, and user centric-design process. We encourage sustainability, conservation, and preservation of resources to ensure a healthy future for our planet and its people. Our work is defined by professionalism, and we foster skill, judiciousness, and a code of ethics. Above all, we are propelled by the pursuit of excellence, challenging ourselves to make meaningful and inspiring work.

We live all of these values through the work of our committees, who support SEGD initiatives in education, inclusion, sustainability, and accessibility.

Our Community

Collectively shaping the future of experience design

We are a lighthouse for emerging designers, providing opportunities for professional development, inspiration, connection, and conversation. No matter their discipline or phase of their career, our members are constantly raising the standards of our practice.

SEGD chapters across the globe

We come from all over the world, gathering in local chapters, at the annual SEGD Conference, and at educational symposiums and events. Together, we form a progressive and passionate voice for the potential that experience design has to change our world.

SEGD by the numbers:

2,200 members
36 countries
46 chapters

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