2020 Management and Leadership event goes Virtual
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Calling all creative business executives, studio principals, entrepreneurs, trailblazers!

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20 Questions with Kelly Kolar: Practice Preparedness
20 Questions with Kelly Kolar: Practice Preparedness

Read Time: 10 minutes

Kelly Kolar, founder and president of Kolar Design, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio), an award-winning brand experience and data-driven design solutions firm, talks to SEGD about leading through disruptive and uncertain times.

Ann Makowski, Interim CEO
Small Business in the Time of COVID-19

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

Like many of our member firms, SEGD is a small business. We have eight employees; half worked remotely prior to COVID-19 and now the other half work remotely as well. In the new normal, we’re working hard to stay healthy, stay sane, and stay productive. We’re learning how to keep our personal world small, meanwhile letting everyone zoom in to see us—cats and pajama bottoms
and all.

Take Advantage of this FREE Online Design Resource!
Lance Wyman and Paula Scher and Richard Poulin—oh, my!

Read Time: 1 minute
As coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to trigger longer school closings and increase the need for distance learning, SEGD is offering free online design education content to member and non-member educators and students.

Exploring Common Ground at 2020 SEGD Branded Environments in Vegas!
Exploring Common Ground in 2020

Read Time: 2 minutes
In striving to define, emphasize, and build upon an intersection of shared ideas, perspectives, and design, we, as a society of EGD professionals—dedicated to connecting people to place through experiences—discover the common ground. This year, we're capitalizing on celebrating the convergence that bridges the divide and strengthens bonds through shared experiences.

Mustafa Yigit Ecer—My SEGD Xlab Journal
Mustafa Yigit Ecer—My SEGD Xlab Journal

Read Time: 8.5 minutes
By Mustafa Yigit Ecer, SEGD Student Scholarship winner
Today, I will be at Gallagher and Associates for a couple of hours. I am intimidated by this—I wish I could do it without having to talk to industry professionals face-to-face.

Alt: Hilary Jay joins SEGD as the new Director of Education
SEGD Welcomes a New Director of Education

Read Time: <1 minute
Hilary Jay joins SEGD as the new Director of Education

A Week Seen Through My Lens
A Week Seen Through My Lens

Read Time: <1 minute
Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design...

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Designtex Celliant upholstery
Designtex Launches Collection of Wellness Upholstery

Read Time: 1 minute
Designtex announces official launch of Designtex Celliant upholstery. Designed in collaboration with Hologenix, the inventor of Celliant®, this collection has been clinically proven to harness and recycle a person's energy, revitalizing and improving wellbeing.

Navigating the Economic Stimulus Package/CARES Act Webinar
Free Webinar!

Sponsored by Gemini, among others, this free presentation and Q&A session will unpack and explore how specific components of the recently passed economic stimulus package will help small businesses. Learn the immediate steps to take as you prepare to meet with your bankers or advisors.

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ACE, the Advocates for Connected Experiences (ACE), announces their formation with the goal of uniting and empowering all constituents involved in DOOH, retail and venue-based digital experiences around key industry issues.

Self-employed designers impacted by coronavirus will be eligible for grants worth up to 80 per cent of their average monthly earnings from June, the UK government has announced.

The PPE Drive is calling on the 3D printer community to help create PPE to protect health care professionals. There is a critical shortage of PPE supplies and you can help!

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 Wayne Hunt: One City Thirty Years
Wayne Hunt - One City Thirty Years
2015 Xlab - Joe Karadin - Transforming Retail
Joe Karadin - Transforming Retail
Chris Whalen and John Morena - Content with Image, Type, and Video
Chris Whalen and John Morena - Content with Image, Type, and Video
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