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Xlab is in Brooklyn at BRIC this year with some great studio tours organized for Thursday.

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2018 SEGD Global Design Awards
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Check out the 2018 SEGD Global Design Awards winners gallery!

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The Language of Graphic Design (Second Edition)
Proportion—The Language of Graphic Design (Second Edition)

Read Time: 11 minutes

Hot off the press and now on the shelves—the second edition of “The Language of Graphic Design” by SEGD Fellow, author, educator and designer Richard Poulin has been revised and updated with a new introduction, narrative text and sidebars and over 100 new images with corresponding captions.

Old School, New Traditions at the Collegiate School
Old School, New Traditions at the Collegiate School

Read Time: 5 minutes

The Collegiate School in New York City traces its roots back to 1628, so when it came time for the K-12 boy’s day school to move into a new and modern building, they enlisted the help of Alexander Isley Inc (New York) to help preserve the past and design future traditions.

It doesn’t happen every day that a client leaves an experiential graphic design project open-ended save for one very specific instruction: No supergraphics. The Collegiate School in Manhattan is no ordinary client.

Xlab 2018 is right around the corner. Plan your trip and register today!
Welcome to Brooklyn! Plan Your Visit for Xlab 2018

Read Time: 3 minutes

Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York. (Translation: It has a lot of cool people and places, you should check it out.) Since you'll be in town for SEGD's signature digital experiential graphic design event, Xlab 2018, we've put together a cheat sheet of things to do (with help from some member Brooklynites). Enjoy! 


Your 2018 New York Digital Signage Week Guide
Your 2018 New York Digital Signage Week Guide

Read Time: 5 minutes

For the fourth year, SEGD's Xlab will be part of New York Digital Signage Week (#NYDSW) in New York. The week-long series of events centering around digital signage begins on October 29 and culminates on the evening of November 2. The events promise to be engaging, with plenty of fantastic free and paid opportunities for those interested in implementing digital signage in their outdoor and retail projects, or, increasing their involvement with the industry.

Click to read the CEO's sum up of the progress made during Q3 2018
CEO Update: Q3

This past summer was a very busy one for SEGD—and for SEGD Members, I've been told. 

In July, we hosted a record-breaking crowd at the Wayfinding event in LA, which boasted some amazing tours as well. We built on that success with the Exhibition & Experience Design event in August in Washington DC. The format of running educational events for SEGD's specific practice areas is working very well to deliver targeted learning experiences alongside opportunities to network.

There is only one more event left for 2018: Xlab.

Wayne Hunt's "Waynefinding"
Lost in the Woods

Read Time: 3 minutes

By Wayne Hunt

September 2018 “Saved By an Icon”

In the late summer of 2014 my experienced hiking buddy, designer Dave Funk, and I parked his SUV at a trail head in Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness.

Design To Go
Design To Go—Spain Part I

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

In this installment of Design To Go, Diane Burk travels to Spain, visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona. The biggest city on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is a cultural, economic, entertainment, educational and tourism center for Southern Europe. The city is home to famous architectural works of Antoni Gaudí, and boasts both many UNESCO World Heritage sites and museums to visit.

July 2017—August 2017: Spain Part I

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Matthews Paint Introduces Mobile Color Scanning
Matthews Paint Introduces Mobile Color Scanning

Read Time: <1 minute

Matthews Paint and MeasureColor recently introduced a convenient color-scanning tool for the sign industry. The portable color scanner, weighing about an ounce, easily fits in the palm of the hand and paired with a smartphone or tablet, the device makes scanning color in the field easy. The small Bluetooth® enabled scanning device accurately captures surface color using Delta E calculations and L*a*b* color values, then syncs with the app installed on a smartphone or tablet to find the closest Matthews Paint color match and formula. 

BrandCulture's Leigh Tinkler Q&A
BrandCulture's Leigh Tinkler Q&A

Read Time: <1 minute

Recently, experiential graphic design and communication firm, BrandCulture (Sydney) posted a Q&A with their Operations Manager, Leigh Tinkler. Tinkler has been with the firm since 2010, but before developing a passion for design, she traveled the globe as a professional dancer, performing with well-known acts like Robbie Williams and Cher. 

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Bell Museum Guided Tour!
Thu, 11/08/2018 - 14:30
Kingsley Presentation - Tour - Social
Thu, 10/25/2018 - 18:00
Two Bit Circus Micro Amusement Park Tour
Thu, 10/18/2018 - 19:00
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Smart Cities Week took place from October 2 - 4 in Washington, DC, gathering 1000 smart city leaders from both public and private sectors to discuss how to leverage technology to create cities better suited to meet our future needs.

A design project which revitalized a 1950s residential building has won two global prizes.

The Laserlight Core shoots an image of a bike onto the road in front of you, to give cars a bigger warning that a cyclist is nearby.

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The Next Generation of Experience Designers - Clare Brown
Clare Brown - The Next Generation of Experience Designers
Chris Calori & David Vanden-Eynden - Looking Forward/Looking Back
Vicki Sundstrom: The Future of Wayfinding
Vicki Sundstrom - The Future of Wayfinding
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