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2017 SEGD Xplorer
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Come to Chicago, July 13–14, and learn how to become a digital expert.

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2017 SEGD Fellow Jan Lorenc
2017 SEGD Fellow Jan Lorenc—Joyfully Inconsistent

Lorenc recently took his position in the canon of SEGD Fellows at the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami, beside experiential graphic design trailblazers, including Massimo Vignelli, Lance Wyman, Wayne Hunt, Robert Venturi, Sue Gould, David Gibson, Donald Meeker and Michael Reed, among others.

Join Anthony Vitagliano for 2017 SEGD Xplorer
Creating a Sense of Belonging with Anthony Vitagliano

On July 14, Digital Kitchen CEO Anthony Vitagliano will join digital experts from Gensler and Leviathan for the 2017 SEGD Xplorer event in Chicago. We had a chance to speak with Anthony about his career, his inspiration and his session, “Design for Belonging.” Here’s what he had to say.

Join Michael Shaub at 2017 SEGD Xplorer
Brush Up on Your Digital Vocabulary with Michael Shaub

Michael Shaub of Gensler shares key terms you should know for his 2017 SEGD Xplorer session, Audience Engagement: Real-Time Sensor Data Visualization with Arduino.

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2017: See the New SEGD Toolbox
2017 Q2 CEO Update: Introducing the NEW SEGD Toolbox

The 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami was a great event. It was well attended. And lots of fun, too! I'd like to extend a thank you to all who attended, sponsored, spoke and participated. There were so many highlights and moments captured of people enjoying themselves, that we decided to create a photo gallery on the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miamipage. Enjoy!


Progress on the 2015-18 SEGD Strategic Plan

Keith Helmetag, Partner, C&G Partners, New York. Images of then and now.
Keith Helmetag: Then and now. The SEGD Global Design Awards.

I was the 1996 jury chairperson for the SEGD Global Design Awards and participated again this year as a 2017 jury member offering a personal perspective that places today’s work in historic context.

Who will own the smart city?
Who Will Own the Smart City?

By now you’ve probably seen those silver, black and blue monoliths on the streets of Manhattan. Looking like giant cell phones, they’re part of LinkNYC,the communication network CityBridge has installed in New York City as a replacement for 7,500 pay phones. These 10,000 electronic slabs are also something else: an early and somewhat faltering step on the road to the Smart City, dressed up now as a new class of street fixture.

The Design Cure: Applying Exhibit Design Expertise to Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Airports
The Design Cure—Applying Exhibit Design Expertise to Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Airports

People are craving experiences with greater value—experiences that offer a wider range of personal benefits and takeaways than were previously available when the purpose of many public places was more narrowly defined. In this blog, Lee H. Skolnick discusses what the emergence of “edutainment” venues means for exhibit design

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National Geographic MARS Launch Party Graphics Set Stage For Future Of Space Travel
National Geographic MARS Launch Party Graphics

MARS kicked off its premiere at the Beverly Hilton with a photo booth, cosmic cocktails, book signings and awe-inspiring graphics. National Geographic partnered with JOWY Productions to plan the event, and the bluemedia team was brought in to deliver launch party graphics to set the visual scene. The highly anticipated, out-of-this-world launch offered a unique opportunity for bluemedia – from the elegant Beverly Hills venue to brilliant National Geographic content.

Jessica Schrader, C&VE (New York)
C&VE's Jessica Schrader Promoted to Senior Project Manager

Jessica Schrader has been promoted to Senior Project Manager at C&VE (New York). Since joining C&VE in 2013 Jessica has headed projects for SUNY’s College of Optometry in Manhattan, SUNY’s Life Sciences Building in Fredonia, Planned Parenthood of New York, The Riverside Church and Amtrak nation-wide, among others.

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SEGD SF Explores Responsible Design
Tue, 06/20/2017 - 18:30
SloanLED Shines its Light on Denver
Thu, 06/29/2017 - 18:30
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Imagine if New York’s subway map had only three colors.

“They either communicate well on the different levels intended or they can be visual gibberish.”

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 The Next Generation of Experience Designers - Elena Saxton
Elena Saxton - The Next Generation of Experience Designers
Emily Webster - Content and Media Development
Emily Webster - Content and Media Development
Jen Bressler - Branded Environments - Placemaking for Communities
Jen Bressler - Branded Environments - Placemaking for Communities
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