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3 images of National Parks Service Graphics elements
National Park Service Identity and Signage

From the SEGD archives, circa 2009: this project was a very important contribution to the National Park Service, which celebrated its centennial less than a month ago on August 25, 2016. With the help of a graphic identity that reflects the National Park Service mission, “America’s best idea” keeps getting better.

Nils Wiberg on Next Gen Interaction
Nils Wiberg on Next Gen Interaction at Xlab 2016

New models of interactive experiences are emerging that impact our projects, spaces, cities and our lives. At Xlab on October 28, interaction designer Nils Wiberg of Gagarin will lead a not-to-be-missed visionary exploration of next generation interactions.

Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler, Leviathan
Xlab, Leviathan and Empowering Experiential Content

Conceptual design company Leviathan is uniting digital technology, real-time data and the physical environment in ever-changing, increasingly delightful ways, providing clients and communities an amplified experience of brand identity, engaging narrative content and sheer beauty. At Xlab 2016, leaders of their team will tell you how they do it.

Photo by @livingonnicholls
Two Twelve Donor Signage Goes Viral

It’s not every day that signage goes viral. But thanks to an Instameet, organized by Simply Social Media New Mexico and the Santa Fe Opera, Two Twelve recently found its signage at the center of a hashtag hurricane.

Creative Destruction Introduction Graphic
Creative Destruction Series: Introduction

I have a love for languages in the historical and geospatial context, and how the first usage of words says a lot about their meaning. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the first known use of the word “creative” was over 200 years later then “destruction.” Why the wait, and what does that say about us?

Post it notes ready for the SEGD 2016 Design Thinking Workshop in Seattle
How might Experiential Graphic Design Embrace Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is Becoming a Driver of Innovation

Besides spatial orientation, creating a sense of place and knowing what is there, what other problems or needs might the experiential graphic design community solve for users?

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ESI for Wells Fargo
ESI Design Rings Up at the Cash Register Building

ESI designed five 86-foot floor-to-ceiling LED columns that are six times the resolution of normal HD. The monolithic screens display dynamic pre-produced and generative media inspired by the Mile High City’s natural wonders.

Tom Breihof and wife
CEO Thomas C. Breihof of SignComp Passes Away

Pictured here with his wife Tracy, Tom Breihof leaves a legacy both at SignComp and within the sign industry. The firm evolved from a rich and long history of sign fabrication, installation and service dating back to 1948; Tom's commitment and drive for excellence will continue to inspire his SignComp family.

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Museum Mix It Up - October 13
Thu, 10/13/2016 - 18:00
Sunrise Systems Tour and Dinner
Wed, 11/02/2016 - 17:00
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Materia offers an amazing library of highly innovative materials like these made from coconut fibers.

What are variable fonts, and why are some of the biggest tech companies on the planet throwing their weight behind them?

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Roshan Prakash The Collaborative Process
 Darren David - Transforming Public Spaces
Darren David - Transforming Public Spaces
The Next Generation - Q&A
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