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Image of mirror illusion at Skyspace
Abstract Ascension at Stimulant's Immersive Skyspace

An observation deck attraction wasn't part of the plan for The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles when it was built, so, visitors must take two separate banks of elevators to reach the top. The goal was for Stimulant to make the transfer fun and create anticipation without spoiling the view.

Border City at London Biennale
Pentagram and Border City at London Design Biennale

Border City proposes a truly bi-national and borderless city based on a unique hexagonal grid system. It was the exhibition from Mexico at the London Design Biennale, which opened on September 7, 2016.

Creative Destruction: Part 04
A Curious Stepchild of Inbound Marketing

Creative Destruction Part 04: A Curious Stepchild of Inbound Marketing

Walk through the lobby of most buildings today and invariably you will pass a large media wall of some kind. Flowing across these screens in high-key colors are looping marketing messages or media art, likely inspired by a C-level executive who exhorts the design team to replicate one they saw elsewhere.

Image from 2016 Academic Summit
2017 Call for Papers for Communication+Place, Academic Summit

For the third year, Communication+Place has featured the latest peer-reviewed experiential design research innovation coming from leading global academic institutions.

Image of Wellington, NZ
Seeking Experiential Adventure

An unconference is participant-driven, unconventional conference characterized by open conversations in which the participants create the agenda. This particular unconference focuses on the concept of experiencing a journey that is both physical and intellectual.

Image of Marquee at Xlab
Xlab 2016 in Summary

Xlab, SEGD’s technology and innovation conference for the experiential graphic design community, was held two weeks ago on October 27 and 28.

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MCP UAE by arthouse
ArtHouse Design Helps Abu Dhabi Public Park Honor Its Country

The country's rich history inspired the firm to create culturally responsive designs including a comprehensive, bilingual wayfinding and signage program for the park that represents the local culture, landscape and wildlife, from the dress code and red crescent emblem to the Hajar Mountains and date palm.

Paysages front cover
John deWolf Published in Landscapes/Paysages

"In heritage landscapes, integrity and authenticity are key to our understanding of time," says John deWolf of Form Media in his article titled Old Places:New Connections in an issue exploring landscapes touched by time.

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Terrell Place Tour with ESI Design
Wed, 12/07/2016 - 13:00
Holiday Happy Hour - 12/8!
Thu, 12/08/2016 - 18:00
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AIGA have published the research behind and a Gender Equity Toolkit to help prevent gender bias in the workplace of creative firms.  See also SEGD's Professional Standards of Practice

Showing confidence, value and a huge step up in visibility for design at the new museum, Designers bemused after fighting for recognition for so long.

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Richard Poulin: Public Culture
 Panel Dialogue - Global Wayfinding
Panel Dialogue - Global Wayfinding
Hunter Tura - The 21st Century Designer
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