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Xlab 2016 will focus on the intersection of physical and digital. Don't miss it—register today!

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View all the 2016 SEGD Global Design Award winners from last week ends Award Ceremony in Seattle.

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Empathy by Design at Planned Parenthood of NYC

Focused on reaching a very diverse audience with a message of comfort and safety, Calori &Vanden-Eynden designed the signage for Planned Parenthood of New York City’s new health and education center in Queens. The result is beautiful, economical, and so effective it has become the model for other similar centers across the country.

Image: Pack your bags! Xlab 2016 is next week.
Pack Your Bags—Xlab 2016 is Next Week!

Got your toothbrush? Phone charger? Jacket? Favorite pen? Laptop? A Friend? Wait...what? Yes! You can bring a friend or colleague for free when you register for Xlab 2016.

Who Needs Signs Blog
Who Needs Signs?

Everywhere we go, signs surround us. Words and pictograms tell us where we are, arrows and directions show us where to go. But do they help? Do we really need signs?

Creative Destruction Series Part 02
Designing for Plurals, the Evolving Audience

For this part, I interviewed Donald Marinelli, who gave one of most compelling, wild and informative presentations on next generation audiences I ever heard at TEA Connect’s 2013 SATE (Story + Architecture + Technology = Entertainment) conference in Savannah, Georgia.

SEGD CEO Update Q3 2016
2016 Q3 CEO Update: One Step at a Time.

It's a busy year for the profession and firm leaders are starting to act on new opportunities brought about by where we are in the economic cycle. SEGD is doing great and working on next steps to keep the momentum going on improving benefits for members.

Creative Destruction Part 01
Palpitations on the Slopes of Technology

On the subject of "going digital", many organizations are on the spectrum. Unless you are one of those Luddites at the shore throwing spears to keep the digerati boats at bay, by now you get the rationales for going digital, but what you may not realize is that the rate of change is exponential.

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BookHampton by Pentagram
Pentagram's New Identity for BookHampton

Pentagram created an identity that features a wordmark set in the literary serif Didot, with the clean, modern Futura as the supporting font. The logotype is accompanied by a distinctive mark that combines the iconic shape of an Adirondack chair and books on a shelf. A color palette in cool shades of ocean blue completes the new look.

Archigraphia by Poulin Cover
Archigraphia Redux by Richard Poulin – Order Now at a Special Rate

"That Richard Poulin has created yet another stunning, essential book on architecture and graphic design comes as no surprise. His books will be a defining, canonical reference for an entire discipline," says Jonathan Alger of C&G Partners of the new publication.

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T1V / SEGD Open House - Nov. 3!
Thu, 11/03/2016 - 18:00
Explore SFMOMA
Thu, 11/03/2016 - 18:00
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Found on the www

Mike Wolff announced his retirement as Chairman of the SDS, after steering the organization since 2006. He is succeeded by Sian Kelly, Director with the wayfinding and experiential graphic design consultancy The Velvet Principle.

The infographic outlines some of the main features to look out for if you’re selecting an accessible font.

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 Panel Dialogue - The Future of Wayfinding
Panel Dialogue - The Future of Wayfinding
Becky Stern - Transforming Wearables
Becky Stern - Transforming Wearables
Tom Horton and Hillary Jaye - Be Sold
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