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Michael Reed, 2016 SEGD Fellow
2016 SEGD Fellow Michael Reed of Mayer/Reed—For the Greater Good

Over a career that spans more than 40 years, Michael Reed has helped shape a wide variety of public spaces, from airports to courthouses and from urban bike trails to homeless shelters. His humanist approach to design has touched them all—weaving story with place and people to create spaces that respect and improve the quality of life for those using them.

Lauren Kelly Sheridan at Xplorer in LA 07.14.16
Learn to Code with Lauren Kelly Sheridan, July 14, 2016

Web development has changed enormously in just the last few years. Where web design entailed handwriting HTML and CSS code, that work has been greatly simplified through widely available content management systems (CMS). If you haven't refreshed your coding skills (or learned them in the first place), you are not alone.

Wendy Evans Joseph, FAIA at the Exhibition and Experience Event
Wendy Evans Joseph, FAIA on Exhibition and Experience Design

Joseph is philosophical about ways to achieve success. "There are straightforward presentations, pragmatic concerns and varied rules about presentation," says Joseph, "but ultimately, it is the unsaid, the unlikely presentation in metaphoric terms that has its way of seeping into our conscious."

SEGD CEO Update Q2 2016
CEO Update Q2 2016: Going From Strength to Strength

It's the day after conference and there is a steady flow of people from the taxi stand outside the Westin Seattle. We're all heading home. Some look a little worn out, but it does not appear that we took any casualties, despite some really good stories. Way to throw a family party, SEGD clan!

And of course while there is always room for improvement (we're designers after all!), we heard mostly very positive feedback about this event. Everything from best ever to can we do it in Seattle every year?

Sharon Brooks on Design Thinking
"Thinking Design"

In our highly competitive industry, do you find yourself banging your head against a wall trying to find ways to be innovative, fresh, or AMAZING on certain days? I imagine some of us do.

Where do you go when your "design thinking" stops thinking? It happens to us all —regardless of our disciplines I believe. A few months ago I felt I hit a road block with my paintings, so I put down my brushes and picked up my pencils for a few weeks instead. Mixing things up got me over my mental block.

Photo of Pat Matson
Pat Matson, We Miss You Already!

When the Board of SEGD decided to start up a magazine, it was begun on a shoestring. Then-Executive Director Leslie Gallery Dilworth dug up stories, found writers and designers and did interviews. Another staffer managed logistics, sales, printing and distribution.

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Shikatani Lacroix design for Adidas
Shikatani Lacroix Wins Two Elevate Awards

The branding and design agency won two awards at the ICX Association Elevate Awards for their work with adidas Golf and Cable & Wireless Communications’ telecoms brand FLOW.

Westpac by Frost
Westpac Project Wins LAUS Award for Frost*

A Bronze at the LAUS awards went to Urbanite (part of the Frost* collective brand) for their design of signage, wayfinding, graphics and placemaking elements for Westpac's new 28-floor headquarters. Urbanite’s sophisticated design added to the space by creating large, innovative and mindful pieces of branded storytelling to increase staff engagement and allow the brand to resonate with subtlety.

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Tour of Parkland Hospital
Thu, 06/23/2016 - 17:30
Augmented and Virtual Reality in Design
Wed, 06/22/2016 - 18:30
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Found on the www

The idea? Turn Columbus into a living laboratory, establishing a set of "best practices" that any other city could look at and learn from. Refreshingly, that doesn’t mean installing surveillance tech in every street lamp or giving every resident a self-driving car. 

There are many hidden benefits to walkable cities. It is time to design daily activities back into our lives.

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Vicki Sundstrom: The Future of Wayfinding
Vicki Sundstrom - The Future of Wayfinding
Josh Goldblum: Play and Learning in XGD
Roshan Prakash The Collaborative Process
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