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KIPP NYC College Prep High School
Back to School and Decoding Success

KIPP NYC College Prep, a charter high school in the South Bronx, strives to create an environment of success, providing the academic knowledge, real-world skills, and character its students need to thrive in life. Just in time for the new school year, Pentagram created high-impact graphics that amp up the school’s “Knowledge is Power” message using puzzles, games, and riddles integrated into the learning environment.

Immersion Room, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum (by Local Projects)
Xlab 2015: Transforming X

Artists, coders, hackers, and technologists are shaping the future of experience design, and at Xlab 2015, the SEGD design + technology event, they’ll show how they’re using platforms like wearables, virtual reality, beacons, and code to tell stories and transform places. Where do you fit in all of this? Find out at Xlab 2015: Transforming X—November 5-6 in New York!

Digital data helping to make driving safer and more relaxing
The Future has Never Looked Brighter, Depending on Where You Stand!

The future of Experiential Graphic Design has never looked brighter. In fact, it is about to fulfill the promise that SEGD’s founders saw for it when they started the organization declaring that it was so much more than just signs!

Our current vision is that SEGD represents a multidisciplinary community of professionals creating experiences that connect people to place. The emphasis is on experience over simply communication where we have been positioned for a few decades.

5 Reasons Why Being an SEGD Member is Way Better than Going Back to School

It’s that time of year again… Say goodbye to long days at the pool, weeks at grandma’s, and staying up until all hours. Hello to Trapper Keepers, slam books, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils in the morning. Oh, the pain of getting up early and the anguish of that summer reading not quite completed.

Becoming an SEGD member—or rejoining this month—is WAY better than getting sweaty in gym class. It’s really as easy as A-B-C:


SEGD: A Great Community at Any Age

Previously I SEGD-blogged about one of our more experienced members, Susan Jackson Keig. This time I want to take a moment to blog about some of the youngest members of our community.

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Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center
Solid Light Illuminates History at Falls of Ohio

Solid Light (Louisville, Ky.) developed exhibitions and media for the Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center in Clarksville, Ind.

Cornell University campus
CGA Showing the Way at Cornell University

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia) is working with Cornell University on a new wayfinding strategy for the 745-acre campus, the largest in the Ivy League.

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Art in Public Places
Tue, 09/29/2015 - 17:30
FGD-OSS Glass Solutions - Facility Tour and Networking Event
Thu, 08/27/2015 - 06:30
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A Portland, Ore., company aims to revolutionize the user experience around on-demand healthcare. See how they're building the brand and the experience to be more like visiting an Apple store than going to the ER.

You've practised design all your life, you know its methodology works. How do you bring it out of the projects into the way you do business though? It is not easy, but here are a few good tips from people who have succeeded.

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Christian Marc Schmidt: Emerging Technology
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