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2.12.2022. / 16:00 to 18:30 PM Riga time / SEGD Riga Chapter Design and Research: responsibility, integrity, and respect. Sensitive and cognitive experiences by design. Video available at SEGD Riga Chapter Youtube Channell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-AQL2Kj8z0&t=77s
Design and Research: responsibility, integrity, and respect.
Sensitive and cognitive experiences by design.

To design a better world, designers need to practice benevolence, respect, and tolerance. To speak up and to undertake study for the civic society, to acknowledge and to recognize diversity, courage and integrity is demanded. It is about being virtuous person and professional to sustain democracy and inclusive society.

In this year's final SEGD Riga Chapter session we will share design research led by responsible, sensitive and cognitive experiences to address violence, vulnerability, and being different in the ‘normal’ society.


Aija Freimane, PhD, Lecturer at Technological University Dublin School of Art and design. www.aijafreimane.com



Neeta Verma, Professor at the Notre Dame University Department of Art, Art History, & Design, USA
“The memory Project: reweaving threads of loss, love, & hope” - addresses the challenging and systemic problem of youth violence in a community in the United States

Jing Zhou, interdisciplinary artist, designer, researcher, and professor at the Monmouth University, USA
“From the Mothers' Movement to Cradlr: An Interaction Design for Refugee Children”

Leah Cleary, recent Visual Communication graduate of TU Dublin’s School Art and Design, Ireland
“Time to Change Perceptions: A Multimodal Analysis of Female Domestic Abuse Campaigns in Ireland”

Ana Tobin, recent graduate M.F.A. in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at George Mason University, USA
“Neuro Divergent” - trough experiential graphic design exhibition questions what does it feel like to have a learning disability or disorder?

Linda Spillane, a neurodivergent thinker, designer and maker with a background in Interior Design and Furniture Design. Currently researching and making through experimental graphic design on the TU Dublin School of Art and Design Creative Arts Masters Platform in Visual Communication
“AFFORDANCE of text for the reader with ADHD. Case study of visual communication experiments” tells a story of a person born with ADHD that is born with an invisible disability

Žanete Eglīte, a doctoral student at the Academy of Culture, Latvia. More than 18 years of experience working in advertising and design industries, Manager of the local creative organization “Latvian Art Directors Club
“Sensorial inclusion” as sensory features of products and services affect emotions, memories, perception, choices, and consumption.

Sara Kristoffersson, PhD, Professor of Design History, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden. Author of "Design by IKEA" (Bloomsbury 2014) and "Hela havet stormar" (Musical chairs, Volante 2022)

“Musical chairs. Identity politics in practice and the dangers with norm criticism” - In February 2021 Kristoffersson published an article in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, about how identity politics affected Konstfack and 44 colleagues signed a petition against her. This affair caused a huge debate in Swedish media. A year later she published the book "Hela havet stormar" (Musical chairs) discussing how identity politics, cancel culture affects academic culture. In her talk she is going to highlight the case.

Language: ENG


Organised by: SEGD Riga Chapter

Supported by:

- State Culture capital foundation (Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds / LKKF)
- Swedish Institute in Stockholm and - Embassy of Sweden in Latvia (project www.normkritiklatvia.com)
- design studio H2E

Design Walk

Design Walk - an annual event that allows to look behind the scenes of design process. This year's theme "Design and History" is especially vividly highlighted by the venue of the event - the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. The program includes eight design walks in the new opened exhibition with its design team - design office H2E. The design authors will introduce various aspects of the exhibition from designers’ professional and personal point of view. The culmination of the event will be the discussion led by playwright and scriptwriter Lauris Gundars about the basic question of any historical exposition - to prove to the visitor that the narrative also applies to his own life, without losing the set of historical facts. Program: 10.00–11.00 "Design concept" with designer Ingūna Elere Research-vision-concept-project. What do we want to say and how to say it in a visual language? Design concept as an abstract vision that must become visible. The role and responsibility of the designer in the communication of history. 11.00–12.00 "Content interpretation process" with art historian Baiba Grīnberga Collaboration between museum and designers to reveal content in the form of an exhibition. Information acquisition, structuring, preparation for transformation in design. 12.00–13.00 "Space, tectonics, materiality" with designer Ģirts Arājs The foundation of the exhibition - a technically challenging and particularly responsible stage. Process, challenges, entering an unfinished space, adaptation, refinements, hidden communications. 12.30–13.30 "Graphic’s story" with designer Laura Lorence Transforming the content into the visual form. Color, shape, typeface, drawing and other elements as tools for content interpretation. Graphic designer as part of the exhibition creation team. 13.00–14.00 "To tell without words" with designer Ieva Timoško Graphic design in close-up - its possibilities and potential in exposition. Language to convey messages and provoke emotions. The concept of graphics and the use of its elements in the exposition. 14.00–15.00 "Interior and process" with designer Mārtiņš Vītols Museum interior and exposition as interdependent/inseparable elements. The process of creating the interior of the museum lobby as a strategic starting point for the exhibition. Variants, variations. Continuation of the story of the process in the exposition. 15.00–16.00 "Light Path" with playwright Lauris Gundars A dramatist once said: "Nonsense! There is nothing of drama in the expositions: there are rules of static composition.". Lauris Gundars wants to argue and prove the opposite. Among other aspects of the exhibition, we will talk about why we should talk about it at all. 16.00-17.00 "Experience design" with designer Holgers Elers Turn data and facts into stories, stories into ideas, ideas into experience. The role of experience design in the creation of exhibition design. 17.00–19.00 discussion "Design and history" The basic problem of any historical exposition is to prove to the visitor that the narrative also applies to his own life, without losing the set of historical facts. Creating an effective connection between the exhibition and the visitor also means creating a "living museum". That is, where you have to go not only in the name of the past, but also in the name of the future. The discussion is led by playwright Lauris Gundars. Participants: Kārlis Dambītis, historian of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia. Sarmīte Kolāte, publicist; Ivo Briedis, director/playwright; Ingūna Eler,e H2E designer. The project is supported Riga City Council, LOM and H2E. Informative sponsors: public media portal LSM.lv. Registration: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dizaina-pastaiga-dizains-un-vesture-ticke...

Design stories in the exhibition "anslavs eglitis, young man" - design process and stories about the hidden behind the visible. An experience that unites people and places.

The SEGD Riga Chapter is delighted to invite to the fourth 2021 years event - experimental design workshop - discussion,             which will be dedicated to the topic of Challenges of our time. Design studio H2E and SEGD Riga Chapter seeks answers to the challenge of our time - how to use design to organize the environment and processes to reduce the economic and emotional damage caused by a pandemic.


Event Program (Riga time):

10:00-10:25 Introduction

/ Dagnija Balode, SEGD Riga Chapter Co-founder and H2E CEO/Partner

/ Ingūna Elere, SEGD Riga Chapter Co-founder and H2E CDO/Partner



World experience:

Hringur Hafsteinsson / Gagarin / Iceland (gagarin.is)

Sandra Goroško / Velvet / Estonia (velvet.ee)

Darlene van Uden / Infinite Scale / USA (infinitescale.com)



Is moderated by Klāvs Sedlenieks, Associate professor at Rīga Stradiņš University, social anthropologist.


Event details:

Admission to the event is free of charge for SEGD members.


Date and time: 

November 26, 2021 at 10:00 (Riga time)



Zoom platform


Event supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation vkkf.lv, Ministry of Culture Republic of Latvia km.gov.lv, KultūrELPA, Design Studio H2E h2e.lv


Design Walk is an event that seeks answers to the situation we find ourselves in today. It examines how design can help to organise the environment and processes, in order to continue working and reduce the economic and emotional losses resulting from the pandemic. The Design Walk is organised by the SEGD Riga Chapter and Design Studio H2E, with the goal of sharing experience and identifying solutions to the changing situation of our age.


Event Program (Riga time):

10.00–13.00, Experimental Design Workshop / Guidelines for Safe Public Premises in the Age of Covid-19

Rainis and Aspazija House, Baznīcas Street 30, www.lnmm.lvwww.reverie.lvwww.h2e.lv

Annija Sauka, Head of the Communication and Educational Work Department, Latvian National Museum of Art , Mārtiņš Priedītis, Managing Director, REVERIE Trading Group, Ingūna Elere, Co-Founder and Creative Lead, Design Studio H2E. 


9.00–9.45 and 13.00–13.45, Design Walk / Rainis and Aspazija: Dreams vs. Reality

Rainis and Aspazija House, Baznīcas Street 30, www.memorialiemuzeji.lv

Conducted by museum specialists Ieva Aizpure and Raimonds Ķirķis.


12.00–13.30, Lecture and Discussion / The Changing Planning Paradigm due to COVID

ALPS Landscape Workshop, Sporta Street 2, www.alps.archi. Event in Latvian and English

Marc Geldorf, Architect, Urban Planner and Partner, ALPS Landscape Workshop, Viesturs Laurs, Transport Infrastructure           Planner and Managing Director, IE.LA Engineers.


16:00–17.30, Seminar / Teaching Process Design in a COVID World

Lielvārds Competence Centre, Baznīcas Street 20/22, www.lielvards.lv

Andris Gribusts, Managing Director, Lielvārds Education Company.


17:00–18:30, Seminar / Human Centric Office

Krassky Interior Salon, Duntes Street 3, www.krassky.lv

Aigars Zelmenis, Managing Director, KRASSKY, Pēteris Ponnis, Light Architect, KRASSKY.


16:00–18:30, Experimental Design Workshop / Certainty amidst Uncertainty

Design Studio H2E, Vīlandes Street 1, www.h2e.lv

Ingūna Elere, H2E Designer, AAL Professor. Holgers Elers, H2E Designer, AAL Professor. Ivars Austers, UL Professor, Social Psychologist. Klāvs Sedlenieks, RSU Associate Professor, Social Anthropologist. 


Event details:

Admission to the event is only possible by presenting a Covid-19 certificate.

There are a limited number of places available. Registration at: www.bezrindas.lv. Registration fee for each event: EUR 10.

Design Walk map for download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0r4orhk01a6s7f4/SEGD-Riga_DP-karte.pdf?dl=0


The event may be photographed and filmed.  Photos and videos could be used to provide coverage of the event.

Book an interview: [email protected],+371 29890433


Event supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation www.vkkf.lv, Riga City Council www.riga.lv, Design Studio H2E www.h2e.lv


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