Inguna Elere

Inguna Elere Design Studio H2E, Co-founder and Chief Design Officer
Riga, Latvia

SEGD Global Design Awards

Aluksne Banitis Station
Aluksne Banitis Station
Latvians in World War I
Latvians in World War I
Ventspils Museum Exhibition
Ventspils Museum Exhibition

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The 2023 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Process
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Inguna Elere is the Co-founder and Lead Designer of Design Studio H2E. Design strategies, concepts, interior, exposition and graphic design are her daily life. Inguna Elere holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Environmental Art from the Art Academy of Latvia. She is now a Professor at the Design Department of the Art Academy of Latvia.

Design Studio H2E was founded in 2007 by Inguna Elere and Holgers Elers. H2E address projects of all scales from graphic design to object and spatial design for exhibitions and museums as well as interior design for various venues. H2E develop projects from the beginning of in-depth research to the final polish of realisation.

H2E believe that the environment in which we live, the things and services we use must be qualitative, functional and easy to understand. We say that everyone is entitled to qualitative design.

Design Studio H2e is a multiple winner of the SEGD Global Design Awards, RedDot award among many other international awards.

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