2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Focus on Sustainability

Hobsonville Point Habitat Markers by Isthmus Group

Last year, SEGD established the SEGD Sustainability Committee in an effort to create shared resources and an action plan to support reducing the adverse environmental impact of our work while expanding on the wellness attributes of experience design.

As the SEGD Sustainability Committee rounds out its first year, its members have established new goals: to create resources and support structures that empower members to incorporate sustainable methods, materials, etc. into their own projects, and to educate and expand the capacity of our members by bringing outside voices on the frontier of sustainable design.

The establishment of the SEGD Sustainability Committee with Board-level commitment demonstrates how critical sustainability is to our members, our organization, and our industry.
David Siegel, SEGD Board Member and Director of Sales and Marketing, Designtex

Committee Member Joel Krieger reminds us of, “the extraordinary potential of our design community to lead by example through their projects. It’s inspiring to see that some of our members are already doing it.” And through the SEGD Global Design Awards, “we intend to shine a bright light on their work in hopes that others might follow the path.” 

River Connections by Grumpy Sailor

In the spirit of education and empowerment, SEGD has introduced a set of guidelines by which submissions to our 2024 Global Design Awards can be evaluated for their contribution to sustainability. Entrants are encouraged to highlight how their designs contribute to a more sustainable future if they focus on the following:

  • We value and encourage designs that effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. 
  • We encourage community engagement and projects that positively impact both communities and the environment. This includes enhancing biodiversity, engaging with local communities, and contributing to social well-being. 
  • We seek designs with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, emphasizing adaptability, resilience, and a vision for a sustainable future.

As Committee Member Jenna Carolan states, “Sustainability conversations are happening all over the design industry, but they can be intimidating for newcomers, especially in our industry. SEGD is uniquely positioned to highlight the leaders in Experience Design while also connecting them to those who want to do more, but don’t know where to start.”

Our hope is to celebrate what’s already happening, and provide resources and enablement to those who want to make a difference in the future – all the while making sure SEGD is looking at itself in the mirror, too.
Peter Muller, Design Manager | Global Brand Sustainability Lead, Gensler

To learn more about joining or participating in the SEGD Sustainability Committee, please reach out to David Siegel, SEGD Board Member and SEGD Sustainability Committee Chair.

Forest Net(work) by NBBJ
SEGD Sustainability Committee Members:

David Siegel
Director, Sales + Marketing

Jenna Carolan
Senior Associate, Experience Designer 

Genell Hoechstetter
Senior Creative Director
Art Processors

Joel Krieger
Vice President, Product Design
Magic Leap

Peter Muller, PMP, LFA
Design Manager | Global Brand Sustainability Lead

Elizabeth Ward