Genell Hoechstetter

Genell Hoechstetter


Member Since

July 2023

Genell Hoechstetter, Senior Creative Director and 2023 SEGD Board Member

Genell creates experiences that bring people from all walks of life together and make it easier for the individual to dream. From studying many languages, cultures and working abroad, she has made it her life’s mission to continually rediscover the commonalities of what inspires us as humans and transcends all barriers. What elicits joy, curiosity, and a feeling of empowerment for the experiencer? Genell is also very passionate about science and technology. She has spent many years designing fireworks displays, programming laser shows, concepting and installing large-scale video experiences, and studying photonic technology. So far, ‚ÄúPhoton Wrangling‚Äù ‚Äì conducting a multisensory experience with multiple forms of light, has been a highly impactful and rewarding way to inspire and bring people together.

Focus Area

Equitable Design, Exhibition, Sustainability