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Art Processors is a global experiential design and technology company. We partner with cultural and tourism organizations to invent new realities of human experience.

We offer specialist interactive media and exhibition design services that set a new standard for immersive storytelling, alongside a technology platform that makes it easy to deliver, benchmark and continually improve experiences.

Art Processors began in 2011 with a mission: to change the way a museum could look and feel with Mona, Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, Australia. We sought to democratize the experience; to create new ways of storytelling, no wall labels or scholarly rhetoric. When we started out, the technology we needed didn’t exist, so we invented it. Ten years on, we—still inventing—dreaming up new ways of storytelling, adding new ways of doing things to our technology platform, and forging new partnerships around the world.

Today we are an international organization with a diverse staff based in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Atlanta, Milwaukee and San Francisco. Soon growing into Europe.

Understanding and continually exploring the unification of experiential design and technology is critical to everything we do. So too is ensuring we positively impact the people who visit the organizations we partner with—it’s why we do what we do.

What we do

We experiment and invent new ways of doing things, but people and their stories are the heart of our practice. Our experiences couple deep storytelling with immersive and interactive design, and draw on the growing capabilities of our technology platform.

Our technology platform, MOS, powers our experiences. From immersive audio experiences to virtual queuing and digital labels, MOS comprises a growing set of integrated software capabilities designed to support our partners’ businesses’ experiential and operational parts.

We build lasting relationships with our partners that foster an environment for ongoing learning and adaptation. Drawing on the data insights into visitor behaviors that MOS provides, we work with our partners to measure, improve and refine visitor experiences, deepening engagement and supporting audience growth.

We measure success in how we give back to communities. We actively seek new opportunities to partner with First Nations artists and organizations, ensuring First Nations voices are central in telling their stories.

Integrity is in our DNA. We prioritize building purpose-built, mature technology that exclusively serves the culture sector. Our team includes many professionals who have roots in the museum ecosystem, and intimately understand the real needs of the communities we serve. While our work is visually spectacular, we prioritize leaning into our genuine conviction to do right by our communities by creating experiences that educate and inspire real change.

Our growing list of specialties include:

Experience design
Exhibition design
Indoor location
Visitor experience
Immersive experience
Digital strategy
AR, VR and XR
Content delivery
Mobile guides
Bluetooth beacons
Content creation
Spatial audio tours
Immersive sound design

SEGD Global Design Awards 2021
Museum and Galleries National Awards 2021
Multimedia & Publication Design Awards 2021
MuseWeb GLAMi Awards 2020
American Alliance of Museums MUSE Awards 2019
American Alliance of Museums MUSE Awards 2018
Australian Event Awards 2016

Practice Area

Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Placemaking, Public Installation

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Destination Experiences, Digital, Equitable Design, Exhibition, Interactive, Interpretive


Cultural, Entertainment, Museums, Recreation, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers