Meet the Xlab 2018 Experts

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Xlab 2018 is in Brooklyn and it’s poised to be better than ever with a kickin’ lineup of speakers and events. Our fearless leader, OpenEye Global Founder and SEGD President Bryan Meszaros, will be our emcee through one amazing day filled with five thought-inspiring sessions and 13 notable speakers. Get to know these designers and luminaries through their bios and projects, below:


Session: “The State of Digital: Industry Trends and Insights from Global Experiential Leaders”

Tom Beck,Executive Director, SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies)

Tom Beck: Tom Beck has 20 years of experience helping corporate brands and digital media start-ups better understand market dynamics, consumer trends and digital technology to shape the future of their businesses. He has worked for the MLive Media Group, Enlighten and data strategy, technology and marketing firm Perficient, where he was the Agency Managing Director. 

SoDA: SoDA serves as a network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences. SoDA was founded 10 years ago at SXSW by the heads of 13 digital agencies and partner, Adobe. Their goal is to provide infrastructure, processes and products that enable knowledge sharing between members around best practices—making their members’ businesses more successful and sharing portions of that output with the broader industry. The organization now has over 100 agency members in more than 40 countries.


Session: “Immersive & Interactive Storytelling: Cultural & Consumer-centric Experiences” 

Noa Dolberg,Design Lead & Ariel Efron,Creative Director, Gallagher & Associates (New York)

Noa Dolberg: Noa Dolberg is a hands-on team lead on UX/UI, designing multi-platform physical and digital experiences, and products for museums and corporate spaces. She works in the agile/lean/waterfall process closely with designers, developers, and project managers, from the concept phase to launch.

Ariel Efron: Ariel Efron is a creative director at Gallagher & Associates in New York. He is skilled in interaction, UI/UX and Exhibit Design and previously worked with Local Projects for seven years.

Gallagher & Associates: Gallagher & Associates, based in New York, Washington DC, Singapore and San Francisco, is recognized internationally as a leader in creating successful, engaging museum experiences—synthesizing the physical and digital worlds in ways that move people—momentarily stopping time and creating lifelong impact.  Grammy Museum | Jabil Blue Sky Center


Tina Rosenbaum,Group Account Director, SET (New York)

Tina Rosenbaum: Tina Rosenbaum is group account director at SET where she leads the client relationships of their New York office. She has over 20 years of experience in developing, leading and implementing strategic branding and marketing initiatives and has delivered exceptional results for brands such as Verizon, Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company and The Coca-Cola Company.

SET: SET is a firm whose four key areas of expertise include strategy, design, fabrication and execution across the branded retail experience vertical. From social strategy and copywriting to user experience and live event design, their goal is to design a more interesting and memorable world through experiences.  Spotify Roadshow | Sennheiser Soundscape


Lillian Preston,Managing Director, Bluecadet (New York)

Lillian Preston: Lillian Preston is the managing director of Bluecadet’s New York office, where she takes a hands-on approach as a managing director and executive producer, with a focus on compelling storytelling and a passion for large, unconventional exhibitions and installations. She also teaches an exhibition design course in the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU Tisch School of the Arts,

Bluecadet: Bluecadet is an experience design agency based in Philadelphia and New York and well-known for their interactive exhibition work for clients like Bloomberg, NASA, The National WWII Museum, Princeton University and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bluecadet “works on screens and in spaces to captivate, connect and inspire.”   Data LensIn Process


David Schwarz,Founding Partner, HUSH (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 

David Schwarz: David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader and founding partner of HUSH. He’s spent over a decade spent working with brands like Nike, Sonos, Estee Lauder, Google, Ted Baker, Esquire and Under Armour to concept and design compelling experiences around content, interactivity, architecture and technology.

HUSH: HUSH is an agency that works across marketing, advertising, retail and architecture to create experiences from temporary brand activations and retail pop-ups to corporate headquarters and real estate development projects. HUSH is known for creating harmony between digital and physical and is committed to a technology-driven future, but never a single technological solution. Camp Victory | United Therapeutics


Session: “Global Perspectives in Storytelling: Human Connection, Empathy & Emotion”

Abigail Honor,Founding Partner, Lorem Ipsum Corp. (New York)

Abigail Honor: Abigail Honor is the founding partner at international firm Lorem Ipsum Corp, as well as co-founder of three other organizations: Gluttony, a branding and marketing agency working in print, digital and TV; Twitch Post, a creative post-production boutique; and Persona Films, a film and commercial production company with offices in New York, London and Moscow. 

Lorem Ipsum Corp: Lorem Ipsum Corp. is an international group of media and creative services companies working in the areas of advertising, filmed entertainment, content distribution, and information technology. Lorem Ipsum companies provide solutions to many of the Forbes Global 2000 corporations, including Google, GE, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Estée Lauder, Toyota Motor, Pfizer, DirecTV, Macy’s and Garnier. Platov Airport | Yeltsin Center


Tammuz Dubnov,CEO & Founder, Zuzor (San Diego, Calif.)

Tammuz Dubnov:  A mathematician by training,Tammuz Dubnov helps creative directors, experiential designers and technologists create interactive, experiential activations for their clients through Zuzor’s immersive solution that enables any space and display type to be stimulated by motion. 

Zuzor: Zuzor partners with experiential designers, marketers and agencies, AV integrators and display manufacturers to provide efficient, effective and affordable interactive experiential solutions. Their team is paving the way for lasting memories, creating photogenic, shareable and instagramable moments for clients. Videos


Lemke Meijer,Interaction Designer, Gagarin (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Lemke Meijer: Lemke Meijer is an interaction designer from The Netherlands based in Iceland. At Gagarin Interactive she works on creating narrative spaces for interactive exhibition concepts. She wants the things she creates to have a positive effect on people and give them a tangible experience that broadens the mind.

Gagarin:Gagarin is an experiential design firm that believes in the power of interactive storytelling to inspire audiences while learning and playing. They create highly interactive exhibits which engage, educate and entertain visitors. Even though Gagarin is a studio which specializes in visual and interaction design, they strive to make their solutions physical, as well. LAVA Centre | Powering the Future


Session: “The Next Generation of Storytelling: Connecting People to Place”

Ricardo Prada,Director and Principal Researcher, Google UX (Mountain View, CA)

Ricardo Prada: Ricardo Prada is a Silicon Valley psychologist making technology more humane. He has helped design things for Google, X, Verily, Waymo and Boeing, ranging from self-driving cars to contact lens computers, to AI-infused devices. Portfolio

Google UX: Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google. They work across teams to create content and produce events that showcase Google’s design work and champion innovators in our field. Library


Amy Blackman, Senior Advisor of Strategy and Innovation, A Hundred Years (Los Angeles)

Amy Blackman: Until recently, Amy Blackman served as VP of Contend Immersive, a digital art and design collective based in Los Angeles and Moscow specializing in Inverted Reality, a live immersive experience that blends people, digital, gravity and space. She was named a U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassador under both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

A Hundred Years: A Hundred Years is a strategy and design studio working with organizations across private, public, and philanthropic sectors. Whether they are designing a digital product, communications strategy, or new business model, they’re always solving for the long- term to achieve greater impact today (using the 100-year lens). Their clients include TED Ed, Mattel, WWF, AT&T, NASA and the State of California. Case Studies


Jason Bruges,Founder/Director, Jason Bruges Studio (London)

Jason Bruges: Jason Bruges founded Jason Bruges Studio in 2001 to create bespoke interactive installations for a diverse range of clients. He trained as an architect at Oxford Brookes University and University College London before working at Foster and Partners in London and Hong Kong and as an interaction designer at Imagination.

Jason Bruges Studio: Jason Bruges Studio has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground breaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the world of architecture, site specific installation art and interaction design.  EmotiCannes | Life in the Dark


Session: “Awards Keynote: Archive Dreaming”

For the second year in a row, SEGD Xlab showcases the Best of Show Honor Award. This year, Raman Mustafa from the Rafik Anadol Studio will share the 2018 Best of Show Award-winning Archive Dreaming project.

  • Moderated by Joe Nash, Joe Nash Studio (New York)

Raman K. Mustafa, Refik Anadol Studio

Raman K. Mustafa: Raman K. Mustafa works as a liaison between artist team and project architects/subs to analyze and produce architectural drawings, identify project goals/objectives and articulate design opportunities. He also works concurrently at UCLA’s AUD and RomeLAB as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between different departments to create the Digital Humanities Lab.

Refik Anadol Studio: Refik Anadol Studio is a technology-driven art and design studio existing at the intersection of media arts and architecture. Anadol and his staff work on site-specific public art with a parametric data sculpture approach and live audio/visual performances with immersive installation approaches. Archive Dreaming | Virtual Depictions


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