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Bryan Meszaros is President of the 2018 SEGD Board of Directors.

Bryan Meszaros is the CEO & Founder of OpenEye Global. Formed in 2003, OpenEye rapidly emerged as an industry trailblazer led by an ambitious and enterprising young entrepreneur. At a time when the use of interactive visual media was an offbeat practice, Bryan saw the potential to blend his passion towards design and fascination with technology into a new modernist approach. What other organizations perceived as an industry driven solely by the awe of technology OpenEye instead, saw an industry neglecting to provide an adequate ROI strategy for it’s clients. With a strategy first, technology second mentality OpenEye began to expose opportunities within speciality retail, financial and hospitality segments.

OpenEye has seen an consistent level of success on an international stage, having worked with such high-profile brands as Santander, Nordstrom, Madame Tussaud's & Westfield. OpenEye continues to strengthen it’s brand perception without comprising on the beliefs upon which it was founded.

With over 16 years of experience Bryan Meszaros has been recognized as a global industry leader. Bryan Meszaros presently serves on the Board of Directors for SEGD and is also part of the Advisory Board for DSE. As an active speaker and contributing author Bryan Meszaros is regularly featured in various publications and often invited to speak at industry related conferences around the globe.

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Top 5 Ways SEGD Provides Marketing ROI

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With the end of the year on the horizon and lots of agencies and studios looking at ways to invest in their marketing for 2019, I cannot help but think about the immense benefit being a member of SEGD has to offer.

It goes without saying that the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness of the members are tremendous features, but what else is there? What about the elusive conversation centered around **cough, cough** marketing ROI?

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