Bryan Meszaros

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Bryan Meszaros was SEGD President in 2018-2019 and has been a member of the SEGD Board 2013-2022.

Bryan Meszaros is the CEO and Founder of OpenEye Global. His vision and interpretation of experience design has transformed OpenEye into an elite industry-leading agency. With more than 20 years of experience, Meszaros has been recognized as a global industry leader. He has been recognized by Design: Retail & Commercial Integrator Magazine as one of the most influential young professionals (under 40) in both the retail design and digital signage industries. Bryan Meszaros maintains an active involvement in both SEGD (Past President, Board of Directors) and DSE (Advisory Board), helping to further educate the design community on experience design. In addition, Bryan Meszaros is also an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University where he teaches a course on digital engagement in physical environments.

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Bryan Meszaros, CEO of OpenEye Global

As the decade comes to an end so does my time as President. Over the past 10 years SEGD has seen unparalleled growth through the leadership of numerous dedicated and passionate individuals. I am honored to have had the opportunity to play a small role in the success of our organization.

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