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Gallagher & Associates has been recognized repeatedly over the years for its creativity and collaborative working style. Gallagher & Associates’ company philosophy is based on the premise of building strong relationships and on our commitment to excellence in everything we do. Our staff of multi-disciplinary designers prides itself on creating highly successful visitor experiences through museum master planning and exhibition design, environmental graphics, brand management and media programming/development.
With every new project, Gallagher & Associates knows the measure of success will be in the originality and innovation we bring to the project. We fully understand what defines innovation.  It is our goal to ensure that the impact of the total experience connects to visitors on a personal level and the overall take-away is an amazing and moving experience; they have learned something they did not know before their visit. We work to understand our clients and fully explore their vision, aspirations and goals before we launch into the design process.

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Experience disruption at 2017 SEGD Xlab
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2018 SEGD Xlab - Noa Dolberg & Ariel Efron: Immersive & Interactive Storytelling for Cultural & Consumer-centric Experiences

2018 SEGD Xlab - Dialogue: Immersive & Interactive Storytelling for Cultural & Consumer-centric Experiences

2018 SEGD Exhibition and Experience Design - (RE)Visiting The Spy Museum: (RE)Developing And (RE)Inventing The Museum

2017 Xlab NYC - Disruptive Practice - Patrick Gallagher

2017 Xlab NYC - Dialogue: Disruptive Practice

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