SEGD’s Best Content of 2017

What a year! It’s has been a record-breaking one for SEGD, as the association has grown to over 2,000 members and page views have swelled to over two million. Over 1,000 new pieces of content were published on in 2017; you probably haven’t seen them all but luckily for you, we have. The following is a list of the top content pieces compiled using a (somewhat-scientific) combination of analytics and anecdotal evidence. Enjoy!

  • The 2017 SEGD Fellow is Jan Lorenc, who approaches his practice with joyful inconsistency (read the interviewor watch the video)
  • Another SEGD Fellow, Lance Wyman, gave a talkat the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami on his visual diaries and his Mexico ’68 work
  • A prolific journaler, Marty Gregg has a unique and colorful sketchbook entry
  • Discover a “Story on the Landscape”with Form:Media at Batoche in Saskatchewan
  • Brian Collinsgives us some personal background, poses questions like “do designers make the future, or are they in competition with it?” and talks about the journey of understanding your users and making brand experiences engaging, memorable and effective
  • Get to know SEGD’s 2017 Distinguished Member, Kelly Kolar of Kolar Design,a little bit better
  • The standout winner for number of reads this year was another listicle: 12 Influential Immersive Environments Implemented in the Last 12 Months
  • Another standout winner—the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards Best of Show Award-winning project and drop-dead gorgeous feat of engineering, Kunstmuseum Basel Light Freize
  • Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership develop a playful and insightful design for Muzeiko, in Bulgaria, where the concept of a museum for children is an entirely novel one
  • Design leadership consultant and strategist Ted Leonhardt has contributed a popular blog serieson design business topics
  • Meet Jane Davis Doggett,design pioneer and airport wayfinding guru (she’s done 40 international airport projects) and watch her video bio and talk from the Wayfinding event (here’swhat else you missed if you didn’t attend Wayfinding)
  • Take a hike! 30 Urban Linear Parks Projects Since 2000 examines examples of built and in-process projects from around the world
  • What does disruption mean to you? Listen to Jonathan Alger of C&G Partners discuss Disrupted Storytelling at Xlab 2017and read what other speakers and moderators had to say about what disruption means to them
  • Have you heard of the Gartner Hype Curve? No? Find out what this technology roadmaptells us about the future of experiential graphic design
  • Speaking of technology, Eli Kuslansky’s blog series, Creative Destruction, featured this conversationabout searches and serendipity
  • Hannah Andersongives a creative view on how to deal with stress, burnout and professional failure and what it means and how to grow from those experiences
  • Go Ducks! And, go back to school at Stevens Institute of Technologywith Spagnola & Associates 
  • Go analog and read your printed copy of SEGD17 because you can’t get enough of the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards and the 2017 SEGD Achievement Awards, or read it online
  • Have fun (and play games!) with IA Interior Architects at Linkedin’s new San Francisco office
  • Watchas Richard Poulin, FSEGD eloquently walks us through a broad variety of experiential graphic design projects featured in his book “Archigraphia Redux”—invest the 73 minutes, it’s worth it


Bonus: Have you used the SEGD Toolbox? It enables members to search firms, projects and members, in addition to providing easy access to business tools like the SEGD Standards of Professional Practice, forms, educational resources, symbols and experiential graphic design field survey results.

(Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for until you find it? There’s more great content in your areas of interest in SEGD’s Xplore Experiential Graphic Designindex.)


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