12 Influential Immersive Environments Implemented in the Last 12 Months

Scroll through the slideshow above to see 12 influential immersive environments completed in the last 12 months.

We asked a panel of immersive digital design experts within the SEGD community for their choices of the most influential immersive environment design. The range of projects submitted was remarkable, which speaks to the growth and change in the field. We found that most of the submissions were completed in the last 12 months, so thought it apropos to present the last year in immersive environments.

This list has been compiled from our experts' top recommendations and is presented in no specific order.

Aura | Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, 2017 | Moment Factory
This captivating immersive experience includes original music, light and video that was projection mapped pixel-by-pixel onto the complex interior surface of the Notre-Dame Basilica to transform and enhance the artwork and architecture, giving visitors an entirely new view of the cathedral.
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River of Grass | Frost Museum of Science, Miami, 2017 | Formula D Interactive
Preschool-aged children are the target audience for this interactive room that provides an experience fueled by a lively animated cast of Everglade animals. The environment transitions from day to night and allows for special interactions using whimsical props like oversized flashlights.
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Nike Test Stride | Shanghai, China, 2016 | Leviathan
Nike commissioned an exclusive event bringing influencers and athletes together to test their latest batch of performance winter gear through an interactive motion-triggered urban test course replete with lights, data-driven visuals and complex obstacles like real cars and ice.
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The Parlors | Thomas Cole National Historic Site, Catskill, N.Y., 2017 | Second Story, part of SapientRazorfish
The team created an immersive media experience that seems to magically emerge from the architecture of Thomas Cole’s historic home. Combining actor-voiced audio and large-scale projection with Cole’s own words and paintings, it offers a window into the legendary artist’s innermost thoughts, relationships and adventures.
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The Institute Presents: Neurosociety | Pace Art + Technology, Menlo Park, Calif., 2016 | Unified Field, TODOMUNDO!
“The Institute Presents: NEUROSOCIETY” presents the emergent research of fifteen internationally recognized cognitive neuroscience laboratories transformed into immersive interactive experiences that blend art, performance, games and science, including a VR component.
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Siege Theater | American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Williamsburg, Va., 2017 | Cortina Productions, Gallagher & Associates, Whitlock
The Siege Theater 4-D experience is part of a suite that includes 12 films, seven interactives and five audioscapes developed by Cortina Productions and Gallagher & Associates for the museum. The immersive, 180-degree, 71-foot-wide theater experience includes vibration, wind, fog and the scents of coffee and gunpowder to transport visitors to the Revolutionary War battlefield. (Photo: Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation)
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Unconfined: Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch | Samsung, Milan, Italy, 2017 | Universal Everything, Zaha Hadid Architects
During Milan Design Week 2017, visitors could draw their own digital avatar using the Samsung Galaxy S8 and send it flying through petal-shaped forms that created a continuous and undulating canvas  blurring the lines of physical and digital.
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City Walk | Meeras City Walk Mall, Dubai, U.A.E., 2016 | Float4, XYZ Technologie Culturelle
City Walk is a high-end lifestyle-centered outdoor pedestrian space with retail, dining and wellness settings alongside a water-themed entertainment experience, bedecked with special lighting, projections, massive LED screens and an LED canopy, totaling 30 projectors and 100 million pixels of content.
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Graffiti Nature–Still Mountains and Movable Lakes | Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minn., 2017 | teamLab
This vivid immersive room combines a participatory drawing and scanning experience with a virtual ecosystem of colorful and responsive flora and fauna. Visitors can see their handiwork come to life as their movement or stillness in the space spurs projects movement, such as the growth of plants around their feet.
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Lava Centre | Lava Centre, Hvolsvöllur, Iceland 2017 | Gagarín, Basalt Architects
Lava Centre is a museum of volcanology located between five of Iceland’s volcanos. The installations use real-time data to show seismic activity in the region and employ large digital interactives to explain natural phenomena. Together with special effects and lighting, the result is a dramatic immersive experience.
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Deep City | Google, New York 2017 | HUSH, The Zoo at Google
This illuminated and colorful three-part installation explores the transformation of individual human data into a personalized interactive experience with one-of-a-kind interaction. Sensors capture physical, voice and motion data points, which are turned into 360-degree light, color and image visualizations that can be further analyzed through an app. (Photo: HUSH)
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Temple of Mithras | London Mithraeum, Bloomberg Space, London, 2017 | Local Projects, Museum of London Archaeology
Visitors enter this subterranean temple museum through the newly constructed Bloomberg Space and into a carefully timed (and airflow-managed) light, projection and haze experience that brings the walls of the ruins into view, while an audio experience with bells, chanting and horns conveys the space’s ritual past. (Photo: James Newton, Courtesy of Bloomberg)
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