Marty Gregg's Sketchbook

Little bits of paper, stickers and ephemera that would have otherwise been lost, have a home in the journal.


Marty Gregg
Arthouse Design, Denver

I have been keeping journals since college and found it to be a perfect vault for my ideas and record of inspirations. I’m always surprised by how well the journal process (when reviewed at a later time) takes me back to exactly what I was thinking and what I was inspired by. Little bits of paper, stickers and ephemera that would have otherwise been lost, have a home in the journal.

I will from time to time take notes and jot ideas for jobs in it but most of my journaling happens in restaurants, during phone meetings and on airplanes. Drawing in meetings with our clients has been a great way to advance the team's ideas and get immediate feed back through out the design process. I encourage anyone in my office to make even the most rudimentary concept sketches if it moves a design process forward.

Not long ago I was in a meeting with a design team and the architect that was in charge showed my journal to our developer client and said “did you see how he takes notes and thinks?” The developer took a long look and said: “Looks like 'Exhibit A' found in the psycho killer's bedroom.”

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