SEGD Content Questions, Answered!

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Being an SEGD member comes with a lot of benefits—from being connected to the world’s most accomplished experiential graphic designers, to access to a fount of knowledge in the SEGD Talk email forum, to video archives of past events. Your membership also includes a unique—and valuable—opportunity, submitting content to in the form of feature articles, blogs, member news and sketchbooks.


Why should my firm consider submitting content to

It’s one of the most valuable benefits of your membership, but only if you use it! Your firm already produces content for your website or newsletter, or both, so why not maximize your reach? Maybe you even have a public relations firm who does your outreach; PR people love us because we make earned media easy—we want to hear from our members, share and celebrate what they’re doing. For member news, it’s as easy as packaging up what you already have, quickly e-filling a form and sending an email!


What are the types of content I can submit for consideration?

  1. Member News: short announcements about your business such as upcoming events, projects you’re starting or finishing, mergers and acquisitions, new hires and promotions 
  2. Sketchbooks: a series of images from a digital or physical sketchbook that show off your skills in a fine art and/or design capacity; this could be as part of a project or totally unrelated, it’s a great way to let the community get to know you on a deeper level!
  3. Blogs: a short to medium-length post about one’s personal design exploration/experience or shares skill-building information using words, pictures, videos or all three
  4. Feature Articles: these articles take a longer, deeper look into personalities, projects and hot topics and are the product of collaboration between firms and SEGD—the process starts with either a case study submission or a conversation


What’s required for each?

Member News

  • Current member bio or firm listing 
  • 200-600 words
  • Link to more info, or your firm’s website (if applicable)
  • One photo (600x273px @72ppi or larger)
  • Vimeo or YouTube link to video (if applicable)
  • Image release



  • Current member bio for poster
  • 200-400 words about your relationship to sketchbooks
  • Headshot (835x500px @72ppi)
  • Drawing of the word “sketchbook” (835x500px @72ppi)
  • 10-30 images from your sketchbook that may include photos of projects as well (835x500px @72ppi)
  • Single sentence caption for each image
  • Image release



  • Current member bio
  • 100-800 words—longer texts are usually are broken into multiple posts
  • Link to more info (if applicable)
  • Photo (600x273px @72ppi or larger)
  • Additional photos welcome (835x500px @72ppi)
  • Vimeo or YouTube link to video (if applicable)
  • Image release


Feature Articles

  • A quick conversation or email to approve the project/interview/excerpt’s fit within the editorial landscape
  • A 30-60 minute phone conference with SEGD Content Director for follow-up questions
  • For book excerpts: 1-30 photographs, drawings, schematics of the book or contents (835x500px @72ppi)
  • For interviews and excerpts: a 200+ word bio for the interviewee/author  
  • For projects and interviews: 10-30 photographs, drawings, schematics of the project(s) (835x500px @72ppi)
  • For projects: short answer “credits” portion of questionnaire
  • For projects: A 1,000+ word case study on your project and/or the long-answer portion of the questionnaire
  • One sentence captions for each image
  • A link to a video(s) if applicable (YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Image release


I used to just send my newsletter, do I really have to send an image release, too?

Yes, things have changed and it’s for the better! We need to know you have the rights to give us permission to use the image(s), to protect the photographer, you and your firm and SEGD and to give credit where it’s due. If you want to submit, but have an issue with the terms of the agreement, or need to give specific credit to the creator of an image, chances are we can work with it—send us an email with your specific needs.


Why are the project features formatted this way?

The questions on the questionnaire mirror the information asked for in the SEGD  submission process. It establishes a baseline for understanding each project and creates consistency. It’s also really important to list every firm involved and their role(s).


Can I submit the same project to the awards and for an article?

Yes! We purposely set it up so it would be easy to submit a project submitted as a feature article to the awards—WIN!


Where and to whom do I send my content?

> Member Bios and bio updates are emailed to Nadia Adona

> Member News is emailed to Kirsten Keeney

> Sketchbooks, Blogs and Feature Articles for consideration are emailed to Kate Heller


Then what happens?

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

If it’s Member News, it goes into a queue and is published in the order received, three times a week. Lead times on Member News vary from same day to several weeks. If your piece of news is a big time-sensitive announcement, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate a specific date/time.

The process is similar with blogs and sketchbooks—posting is based on the length of the queue, with a maximum of two per week, lead time is typically 1-2 weeks. Feature Articles are subject to more factors, so typically lead times are longer, typically several weeks.


I’m an industry member or student, is this for me, too?

Yes! Students, fabricators and members from all corners of the experiential graphic design community are encouraged to participate.


Do I have to be a member?

Yes, for all content types except Feature Articles—although most features are from and about our members!


Still not a member? Join! Have questions? Ask!