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Cybelle Jones

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August 2006

Infusing over two decades of design excellence into her role as CEO of SEGD, Cybelle Jones is not just a leader but a passionate advocate for the transformative power of experience design. Firmly grounded in the conviction that design has the capability to engender positive change, Cybelle drives her multidisciplinary community to create experiences that intimately connect people with places.

As the helm of SEGD, a non-profit member organization, Cybelle champions education, innovation, and design excellence. She works tirelessly to inspire the design of more equitable, sustainable, and user-centric environments, reflecting her belief in the pivotal role design plays in shaping our world.

Before taking the reins at SEGD, Cybelle etched a notable career as Principal of G&A. Her 25+ year tenure saw her lead several acclaimed design projects, including the National WWII Museum, the International Spy Museum, and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum. These high-profile undertakings not only attest to her design prowess but also her ability to infuse creativity with strategic insights.

Cybelle’s influence extends beyond SEGD. As a thought leader, she has addressed audiences at prestigious forums like AAM, the V&A, FIT, AIGA, and MuseumNext. Her active involvement on various boards sees her push the boundaries of experience design, contributing to the evolution of the profession.

Driven by passion, guided by experience, and committed to innovation, Cybelle Jones is a beacon in the realm of design, illuminating the path to a more user-centric, equitable, and sustainable future.

Ask me about

How can an emerging experience designer balance the need for creating innovative, sustainable, and user-centric designs while also meeting the practical requirements and constraints of a project?

My super power is

My enthusiasm and ability to nurture talent, promote design excellence, and allow for a robust exchange of ideas. Ask me anything!

I'm looking for

Partners who want to make the organization and its community a vibrant platform for advocacy and collaboration, world renown!

What I love about experience design

As CEO of SEGD, I’m deeply drawn to the organization’s multidisciplinary ethos and commitment to fostering experiences that intimately connect people and places. I love and cherish the unique convergence of design, education, and innovation that empowers our community to create more equitable, sustainable, and user-centric spaces.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Embrace the wisdom of living in the present: while we might encounter challenging situations, it’s essential to not carry these experiences beyond their moment. Learn to let go of past events that no longer serve you, focusing instead on the now. This practice will not only unburden you, but also allow you to find peace and contentment in the present, the only time we truly possess.

Where I find Inspiration

The alignment of SEGD’s mission with my personal belief in the world-changing potential of design.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Placemaking, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Brand, Destination Experiences, Digital, Equitable Design, Exhibition, Graphic, Interactive, Interpretive, Signage, Smart Cities, Sustainability


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Museums, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers, Workplace