Forging the Future: The Next 50

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The future is defined by those who lead it. As we embark upon SEGD’s 50th year, help us reimagine, redefine and look forward to the next 50, with the new SEGD 50th Foundation.

The SEGD 50th Foundation will bring together Fellows, founding members and the next generation of change-makers all with the purpose of shaping our field of experience design and continuing to redefine what it means to create experiences that connect people to place. 

The 50th Foundation is a commitment to the future of SEGD and the industry of experience design. A collective of up to 50 individuals and organizations, “… the 50th Foundation will help concretize the impact our experience design community has had on our cities, communities and culture,” explains Cybelle Jones, SEGD CEO. 

We can profoundly influence the future of experience design through a commitment to educate our emerging practitioners, invest in technologies and research, champion design excellence, and commit to a diverse creative culture focused on our most critical global design challenges. By expanding our resources for education, and methodologies to prove a return on experience, our industry will continue to impact the world, reflect excellence in design, and enhance the human condition. 

Our collaborative inclinations as designers, design leaders and influencers in this industry allow us to build upon ideas and pathways, championing design excellence while fostering a creative culture. Learn more about how you can commit to the future of SEGD by becoming a founding member of the SEGD 50th Foundation.

Let’s set the foundation together.