Workplace Wayfinding that Wows—5 Years, 10 Companies

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Scroll through the slideshow above to see workplace wayfinding that wows spanning 2013 to 2018.

We searched our archives and asked a panel of workplace wayfinding design experts within the community for their picks of the most inspired workplace wayfinding spanning from 2013 to 2018.

This list has been compiled from the site and our experts’ top recommendations and is presented in no particular order.

Westpac Place | Sydney, 2017 | THERE
Westpac commissioned THERE to provide signage, wayfinding and environmental branding across 24 floors of workplace. The firm was asked to aid navigation and provide intuitive cues for the new types of work styles available to employees, while activating specialist breakout floors and spaces.
2018 Award | Case Study

Google Offices | Sunnyvale, Calif., 2014-2015 | Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train
|| Kirkland, Wa., 2016 | Studio Matthews || Singapore, 2016 | THERE
Google has committed to having clear cohesive wayfinding in their offices around the world, communicating their brand and values through bright colors and textures—effectively guiding both visitors and Googlers to their destinations.
2015 Case Study | 2017 Award | 2016 Case Study

Box Headquarters | Redwood City, Calif., 2015 | Sky Design
Box, a cloud storage rival to Dropbox prioritized office wayfinding from the start, integrating a bold graphic language into the environment. Color-coding is matched to architectural finishes and graphics, further reinforcing the wayfinding.
Case Study | Article

Deloitte Offices | Montréal, 2015 | Reich+Petch Design International
|| Toronto, Ontario, 2016 | Entro
Like the agile environment itself—in which employees have no permanent desk, workstation or office—the wayfinding program developed by Reich+Petch for Deloitte Montréal needed to be about flexibility and choice. For the Toronto office, the goal for Entro designers was similar—support a collaborative work environment—an approach Deloitte calls “Orbis.”
2015 Case Study | 2016 Case Study | 2016 Article | 2017 Finalist

Linkedin San Francisco | San Francisco, 2016 | IA Interior Architects
Linkedin as an organization has been growing exponentially and clearly values workplaces with experiential graphics and installations, having worked consistently over the past five years with Gensler and IA Interior Architects on multiple projects. 
Case Study | Case Study | Case Study

Rabobank Headquarters | Sydney, 2016 | THERE
This workplace placemaking, wayfinding and branding endeavor intentionally and seamlessly integrated storytelling and textual patterns that reference the cartography of Rabobank’s agribusiness clientele. THERE has drawn no distinction between the functions of the graphic treatments, so wayfinding, placemaking and branding blend in a sophisticated way.
2017 Award | Case Study

Nike NY HQ | New York, 2017 | WSDIA
Nike worked with architect STUDIOS and WSDIA to create a uniquely energized branded environment and wayfinding solution spanning 150,000 sq ft and six floors. WSDIA led the experiential graphic design effort, designing custom graphics, signage, bleachers and more.
Case Study | Case Study

Here East | London, 2018 | dn&co
This innovative and bespoke signage and wayfinding program was designed by dn&co for Here East, London’s home for making—a 1.2 million-square-foot tech and creative industries campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London.
2018 Award | Case Study | Case Study

1 Martin Place | Sydney, 2016 | Urbanite, part of Frost*collective
Embarking on the idea of the leading creative workspace, the project brief was about extending the creative potential of the signage and graphics to have a more prolific presence and contribution to activating the space beyond merely being a functional signage system.
2017 Award

Bloomberg Tech Hub | San Francisco, 2015 | Volume, Inc.
Volume’s graphics not only had to co-exist with signature moments like an aquarium, but also sympathize with raw concrete pillars, brick walls and more refined details such as a diagonal wood-beam ceiling canopy, blackened steel, and leather-wrapped door handles in this office space.
Case Study | Case Study | Case Study



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