Entro and the Deloitte Orbis Workspace

Deloitte Orbis by Entro

The Deloitte Orbis project presents more than environmental graphics “added” to a space. It demonstrates how architecture, interior design, art and graphics can all speak the same language and turn a typically static office into a memorable, engaging environment that leads to a positive user experience. For Deloitte the quality of their work is now reflected in their office environment.
Entro’s aim was to create a favorable connection to the workspace, to stimulate notions of locality, of Toronto, of “home.” Udo Schliemann, Principal Creative Director of Entro (Toronto), explains, “By giving each floor a different character or flavor, people are able to choose an area they want to work in. People tend to stay in an environment they like, so there is value in creating that connection.”

In and of themselves, the privacy films are the result of months of testing for optimal transparency and coverage to ensure appropriate levels of privacy on each floor. Initially, staff found the proposed coverage too dominant and requested it be scaled back. Entro's Udo summarizes, “With conventional privacy films you feel blocked off, [at Deloitte] privacy films on closed offices are private, but still open enough that you feel you are part of what’s going on.”

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