SEGDVoices Recap – Enhancing Your Membership Experience

On November 17, 2023, we hosted SEGDVoices Enhancing Your Membership Experience, a virtual webinar focused on our new membership platform, SEGD Glue Up. Launched in conjunction with the SEGD website during our 2023 SEGD Conference Experience Washington DC in August 2023, this new platform offers seamless access through both desktop and a convenient mobile app, allowing you to stay updated on the latest events and happenings.

The webinar is the first in the series, with each session building upon the last to showcase the settings, networking and community-building tools available in our new membership platform. Transitioning to a new platform can be a complex undertaking, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Topics addressed in our first session include:

  1. Why Glue Up + Advantages of the Platform
  2. Onboarding
  3. Navigation
  4. Taking Advantage of the Tools
  5. Managing Your Settings
  6. Troubleshooting


We compiled a list of frequently asked questions to share with you based on questions captured during the webinar as well as feedback from participant surveys and emails.

  1. How do I get the SEGD mobile app if I missed the QR code?
    • On your mobile device, simply type “SEGD” into the search bar of your Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store to find and download this free SEGD App.
    • To access the membership platform on your computer, visit and click on “login.” Then, enter the email linked to your SEGD membership and the password you set up for the new platform. If you forget your password, click “Send Passcode” as SEGD doesn’t have access to your passcode in this new system.
  2.  Will there be a library?
    • The new website launched in August has a Resources + Education section. Here you will find a library of talks, webinars and case studies. This section will continue to grow with new content and resources for our community. Popular resources such as the SEGD 2012 ADA White Paper Update, Universal Symbols for Healthcare, and Accessibility Symbols, will be made available for download through the Resources + Education section in the near future. If you find you have an immediate need for one of these resources, please submit your inquiry to the SEGD Website + Membership Platform Feedback Form. 
  3. Will the SEGDVoices webinar on January 18, 2024 be a repeat of this session, or will it have new information?
    • SEGD will be hosting a series of webinars focused on our new Membership Platform. Our next SEGDVoices on January 18, 2024 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST will be the second in this series: 2024 SEGDVoices: Enhancing Your Membership Experience – Part 2. Each session will build upon the last to dive deeper into the settings, networking and community building tools available in our new membership platform. If a particular question recurs among our community, we might revisit or elaborate on it in these sessions. All SEGD Membership Platform-focused webinars videos and resources will be made available through for free. Register here for this January 18, 2024 webinar.

Your Voice Matters

We want to hear from you! What are the pinch points you have discovered when utilizing this new system? What new features have you discovered that your peers would love? What topics for training videos do you think might be helpful? Please share your thoughts and constructive feedback through our SEGD Website + Membership Platform Feedback Form. We’ll utilize feedback to shape upcoming webinars and community communications. Additionally, SEGD staff will share recommendations with Glue Up for potential future platform enhancements.

Are you ready to transform your SEGD experience? Register today for SEGDVoices Enhancing Your Membership Experience – Part 2 scheduled for January 18, 2024.

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