SEGD’s Revamped Digital Presence: Behind the Scenes Development of Our New Website

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, SEGD – The Society for Experiential Graphic Design – recognized the essential need to rejuvenate our digital interface. With a rich legacy in hand and a bright future ahead, it was crucial to craft an online space that truly encapsulated our mission to connect, engage, and inspire our growing membership base.

The Challenge

The previous iteration of our website, though functional, felt more like a vast digital archive rather than a lively hub for designers worldwide. The essence of SEGD’s values and ethos were lost amidst a labyrinth of content. The site’s tone and presentation were not capturing the inspiring spirit of design excellence and our global experiential design community.

Recognizing the urgency of this digital evolution, SEGD initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, scouting for potential partners that could capture and reflect our aspirations accurately. After a comprehensive evaluation, we selected Wide Eye, an award winning digital agency known for its innovative solutions and clarity of capturing the essence of brand narratives and ethos.

Elevating the SEGD Brand

With Wide Eye at the helm, and in collaboration with a team at Pentagram and insights from SEGD’s Rebrand Committee, we embarked on a journey to revamp our digital brand identity. The outcome? Our powerful new tagline—Designers of Experiences. This became the cornerstone of our renewed website, weaving a narrative that seamlessly intertwines wonder, connection, and boundless inspiration for the design community.

Tailored Navigation for Our Community

As a nexus for members across the globe, the content sprawl on our website exceeded a whopping 30,000 pages. Wide Eye’s expertise shone through, ensuring easy and intuitive navigation. With iterative user testing, we crafted a user-centric navigation structure, ensuring every member, client, or casual browser could find what they needed with ease.

A Hub for Inspiration and Knowledge

Wide Eye understood our design community’s quest for knowledge and inspiration. With their insights, we’ve curated collections, with robust filtering options, and set the stage for discovery, ensuring our website continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration for both designers, fabricators, educators and clients.

Wide Eye was instrumental in this transformative journey. Their expertise, vision, and innate ability to craft engaging digital experiences are unmatched. Not only did they rejuvenate SEGD's online presence, but they also imparted invaluable digital skills to our team.
Cybelle Jones, CEO, SEGD

Celebrating Our Inclusive Community

SEGD’s members are unified by a shared passion and collaborative ethos. In showcasing our members, we adopted a refined, museum-esque presentation, punctuated with glimpses of humanity. Each profile paints a holistic picture, balancing accolades with personable tidbits, fostering a sense of community and connection.

We look forward to evolving our content and thought leadership to our broad and diverse design community through our new website platform that continues to evolve, inspire, and set benchmarks in experiential design.

About Wide Eye

Wide Eye is a full service digital agency for purpose-driven organizations, visionaries, and big-thinkers. We’re a tight knit team of designers, strategists, technologists, project managers, planners, and practiced problem-solvers ready to help you take your ideas from concept to reality.

About SEGD  

We are designers of experiences connecting people to place. SEGD is a multidisciplinary community collectively shaping the future of experience design. We are a thought leader and an amplifier in the practice of experience design.

SEGD is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization.

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