AFROPUNK Festival Rebrand

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Project Vision

Art Center College of Design student Yuma Naito was challenged to develop a comprehensive design system to communicate across all media for the AFROPUNK Festival, a music festival/human rights movement described by the New York Times as “the most multicultural festival in the U.S.”

The focus of the festival experience is an interactive installation that immerses the audience into the AFROPUNK movement and its social protest through audience participation with the interactive words, dance floor and messaging wall. Participants—singly or in groups— entering the substage space use dance movements to activate floor graphics and wall messaging to break down stereotypical issues on the walls that divide us. By inviting the audience to protest through the joy, love and spirit of music, this social cause creates a more meaningful impact with mind and body for the participant, audience and performers.

A custom typeface, APF Display, was designed for the logo and the entire identity system. The series of posters demonstrates how the logotype would be used as pattern, along with collages that represent DIY aspects of both Afropunk culture and afrofuturism. Through onomatopoeia, the posters tell stories about what people feel and experience at the event in a typographic way. In addition, the photo book AFROPUNKS! is dedicated to individuals who come to events and make the festival memorable and beautiful.

AFROPUNK Festival was a 2018 Finalist

Project Details
Design Team

Yuma Naito (student)


Brad Bartlett (instructor)