SEGD Membership May: Celebrating Our Existing Members

Each week of SEGD Membership May, we will introduce a theme that is centered around the pillars of SEGD’s membership community. This week will focus on our existing members – the vibrant, supportive network of individuals and teams that exemplify excellence and ingenuity in experience design.

We are so grateful for the continued support and contributions of our members, and want to take a moment to highlight how each membership type contributes to our community. 

Leading Through Service

Our Board Members, Committee Members, and Chapter Chairs generously give their time to further SEGD’s mission of education, inspiration, and connection. Their commitment to nurturing our community ensures that we continue to thrive and evolve. Discover their contributions at SEGD Community.

Educating the Future

SEGD’s educators are imparting their expertise to a new generation of designers, ensuring that the principles and practices of experience design continue to flourish. They are shaping the future by mentoring the next wave of creative talent. Learn about their work at SEGD Resources & Education.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

SEGD members, from small firms to entrepreneurs and freelancers, embody a spirit of independence while enriching the broader collective. They epitomize the innovative, self-starter mindset that drives our industry forward, showing fearless determination as women-owned, minority-owned, accessibility-focused, veteran-led, and small businesses. Together, they weave a vibrant tapestry of ingenuity and resilience, propelling us toward a more inclusive and equitable future. Explore their unique expertise in the SEGD Expert Directory.

Strengthening the Community

The SEGD community thrives because of its culture of collaboration. Competitors become partners, sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of all. This generosity strengthens our bonds and enhances the collective impact we make. Connect with this generous network on our SEGD Community Platform.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of those who raise the bar of excellence and inspire innovation. Thank you to our existing members for being part of SEGD and for your continuous dedication to creating a better built environment. Together, we’re building a future that is as inclusive, sustainable, and shared as the vision we hold dear.

Membership May

This Membership May, we are excited to invite you to a month-long celebration designed to inspire, engage, and enrich your professional journey in experiential design. Whether you are looking to renew your existing membership, or are considering joining our vibrant community for the first time, this is the perfect moment to get involved with SEGD!

SEGD is excited to offer two exclusive promotions for Membership May, only! Enjoy a special 20% discount on all new memberships registered between May 1-31. Plus, we’re encouraging all our members to take advantage of our “auto-renew” feature. Opt-in for auto-renewal and receive an additional month of membership absolutely free. Connect with for more info! This is our way of saying thank you for your continued commitment to the SEGD community. Join or renew today and keep your membership benefits going seamlessly, year after year!

Oh, and did we mention the raffle prizes? No? Well get ready! Each week we will raffle off a new prize. The prizes for each week are:

  • Week 1: May 01-08 | A Bouquet of Flowers (Just in time for Mother’s Day, or as a way to treat yourself!) | Retail Value: up to $125
  • Week 2: May 09-15 | Event Registration to one of our 2024 SEGD events (SEGD Exhibition + Experience Design or SEGD Xlab) | Retail Value: $400
  • Week 3: May 16-22 | Memorial Day Feast (Choose between BBQ or Seafood!) | Retail Value: up to $280
  • Week 4: May 23-31 | SEGD Swag (Including our branded t-shirt, mug, tote bag, buttons, insulated water bottle, etc.) | Retail Value: $130
  • Grand Prize Winner*: May 01-31 | 2024 SEGD Conference Registration | Retail Value: $950

About SEGD

We are designers of experiences connecting people to place. SEGD is a multidisciplinary community collectively shaping the future of experience design. We are a thought leader and an amplifier in the practice of experience design. Learn more at

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