SEGD Membership May: Recognizing Our Industry Members and Partners

SEGD Membership May is here, and we are excited to invite you to a month-long celebration designed to inspire, engage, and enrich your professional journey in experiential design. Whether you are looking to renew your existing membership, or are considering joining our vibrant community for the first time, this is the perfect moment to get involved with SEGD!

SEGD is excited to offer two exclusive promotions for Membership May, only! Enjoy a special 20% discount on all new memberships registered between May 1-31. Plus, we’re encouraging all our members to take advantage of our “auto-renew” feature. Opt-in for auto-renewal and receive an additional month of membership absolutely free. Connect with for more info! This is our way of saying thank you for your continued commitment to the SEGD community. Join or renew today and keep your membership benefits going seamlessly, year after year!

Each week in May, we will introduce a theme that is centered around the pillars of SEGD’s membership community. This week will focus on our Industry members and partners that help us build our educational initiatives. 

The Crucial Role of Industry Members

Industry Members are the backbone of our community, embodying a wealth of expertise and craftsmanship that transforms visionary designs into tangible realities. They are those that are involved in the manufacture, fabrication, and/or supply of products related to the sign, exhibition, or graphics industries, who bring designers’ ideas to life with precision and skill. Their invaluable knowledge guides designers through the intricacies of material selection, feasibility assessments, and budget considerations, ensuring that every project achieves its full potential.

The relationship between designers and fabricators is a partnership built on mutual respect and collaboration. Designers conceive bold visions, and fabricators breathe life into them, navigating challenges with ingenuity and skill. Together, they form the bedrock of the SEGD community, propelling each other towards excellence and innovation.

Honoring Industry Partners

In our journey towards fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, we extend our deepest gratitude to our Industry Partners. Through their unwavering support and commitment, they empower SEGD to create impactful programming and initiatives that benefit our entire community. Their sponsorship enables us to push boundaries, drive engagement, and elevate the standard of excellence in Experience Design. 

Reflecting on the significance of this partnership, Dana M. of Nanolumens beautifully articulates, “Our Industry Partner sponsorship is all about community. At Nanolumens, design is in our DNA, so it’s on-brand for us to align with the design community through SEGD, and being a sponsor is a great way to amplify our support of and alliance with today’s experiential designers.”

As an Industry Partner, you not only enjoy exclusive benefits and visibility but also become an integral part of a thriving creative ecosystem. From prominent positioning at events to customized marketing packages, your partnership with SEGD amplifies your brand’s presence and impact within the design community. It’s a strategic alliance that fosters meaningful connections and drives innovation, shaping the future of experience design.

Join Us As An Industry Member or Partner!

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of Experience Design and connect with industry leaders? Join SEGD today and enjoy a special 20% discount for your first year. Contact Nadia Adona, Director of Membership + Media, to sign up for an Industry Membership, or contact Mark Daigle, Director of Brand Partnerships, to sign up for an Industry Partnership. Take advantage of this global yet close-knit community of members – reintroduce yourself to SEGD’s vanguards, reconnect with an old colleague, or recruit new talent for your growing team.

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