2023 SEGD Graffiti to Graphics – Part 2

Dec 14, 2023
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50 Years of Hip Hop & Design

Part 2 – December 14th

Please Note: All times listed in the agenda are for Eastern Time.

Join us as we honor the 50th anniversary of both Hip Hop culture and SEGD. We will trace the transformative journey of Hip Hop from its humble beginnings to its widespread impact on design worldwide. Through part two of this virtual event, experience a curated convergence of historical insights and future-forward dialogue with Hip Hop pioneers, EGD innovators, place-makers, and creative minds from museum and graphic design sectors. Engage with powerful presentations and panel discussions that capture the synergy between Hip Hop’s vibrant culture and the evolution of design. This virtual event promises a celebration of the past, a reflection on the present, and a visionary look into the future of how Hip Hop continues to shape the fabric of design.


  • Cybelle Jones

    Cybelle Jones


  • Read more Dayton Schroeter

    Dayton Schroeter

    2023 SEGD Graffiti to Graphics Co-Chair

  • Read more Andy Outis

    Andy Outis

    2023 SEGD Graffiti to Graphics Co-Chair

  • Christian Acker

    Founder of Handselecta

  • Julian Alexander

    Artist at Slang Inc.

  • L’Rai Arthur-Mensah

    L’Rai Arthur-Mensah

  • Read more Brandon ‘Eazee’ Banks

    Brandon ‘Eazee’ Banks

    Creative Consultant at Eazee Street

  • Masood Bukhari

    Design Lead at Unagi Scooters

  • Gamynne Guillotte

    Chief Education and Public Engagement Officer at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • Greg Lamarche

    Artist at Greg Lamarche Studio

  • Read more Kela Lester

    Kela Lester

    Creative Strategist

  • Read more Tajai Massey

    Tajai Massey

    Designer/MC at Sabi Design Build/Hieroglyphic

  • Andréa Purnell

    Audience Development Manager and Co-curator for The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21 Century at Saint Louis Art Museum

  • Read more Fitgi Saint-Louis

    Fitgi Saint-Louis

    Artist, Designer, Educator

  • Kaleena Sales

    Department Chair – Associate Professor of Design at Tennessee State University

  • Read more Tré Seals

    Tré Seals

    Type Director of Vocal Type

  • Omari Souza

    Design Researcher at University of North Texas

  • Kel Troughton

    Type Designer and Graffiti Writer at Overlap Type

About SEGD  
We are designers of experiences connecting people to place. SEGD is a multidisciplinary community collectively shaping the future of experience design. We are a thought leader and an amplifier in the practice of experience design.

SEGD is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization.

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