Studio SC

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Merit Award 2018
Allen Institute for Brain Science

The theme of “connection” is the foundation of the graphics program at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Neural connections, research teams and staff collaborating, and scientists having the resources and technology to connect with the global community are all important aspects of the Institute’s culture and approach and each is thoughtfully expressed throughout the space.

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Finalist 2017
Allen Institute for Brain Science

Focusing on the many layers of “connection” our minds make on a daily basis, the Allen Institute for Brain Science’s environmental graphics program reflects the organization’s collaborative approach to neuro-research. The cornerstone of the graphics program is "Pathways", a 150-foot light box with color changing LEDs and printed graphic panels displayed on the building exterior. It is a public art installation that visually interprets different ways in which neural pathways connect– a theme that recurs throughout the entire graphics program.

Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments, Part 1: Integrating Art and Wayfinding

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)

For Seattle Children’s Hospital, art is part of a formula that promotes wellbeing through architecture and interiors, green space and wayfinding. When the hospital opened a new wing in 2013, it was deemed critical to provide a wayfinding system that would help patients, families, visitors and staff find their way.


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