Washington State Convention Center Offers a Warm Wayfinding Welcome

Washington State Convention Center Wayfinding (Michael Courtney Design)

After 30 years of patchwork facility expansions and Frankensteined signage, wayfinding at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle needed a new vision. Michael Courtney Design created a friendly and cohesive “concierge” wayfinding program that elevates the guest experience for more than 400,000 annual visitors. The program greets and guides them with a warm welcome, a clean and consistent design language and flexible digital components.

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle

In the business world, Design Thinking is now considered the gold standard for providing truly user-centered outcomes. In the world of Experiential Graphic Design, it is driving a shift from creating objects to creating strategies and processes for meeting user needs. SEGD’s first-ever Design Thinking workshop will happen during the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11. Justin Molloy (SEGD) and Nils Wiberg (Gagarin) will guide you through the Design Thinking process and transform your ways of thinking about your work!

Seattle Scheming: Natural Beauty, Urban Cool

2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle, June 9-11, 2016

Forget the plaid shirts, the grunge rock and the overpriced coffee. Seattle is SO much more than that. Drop your preconceived notions and enjoy the surprises in store for you in this cool urban center shaped by art and culture, technology and innovation. Add in the Jet City’s breathtaking natural beauty and…what’s taking you so long? Get registered for the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11!

We know you’ll want to add a couple days onto your trip, so we checked with the locals about the best things to do and see while you’re there!

Hear that Sizzle? Things are Heating Up for the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle

2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle, June 9-11, 2016

Heads up, the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle is coming your way June 9-11! From the Boeing Dreamliner to fashions by Luly Yang Couture and kick-ass projects from Electric Coffin, the conference is guaranteed to inspire, educate and connect you with your design community. And we're not even started yet: There's also SEGD’s signature project tours, a new Design Thinking bootcamp, the Experiential Learning Series and not one but two (!) Design Improv sessions. We'll break it down for you here.

Wayfinding Easter Eggs in Seattle’s South Lake Union

Wayfinding, South Lake Union, Seattle (Michael Courtney Design)

Michael Courtney Design’s long-time client—a Fortune 100 tech company—had begun building a neighborhood in Seattle’s revitalized South Lake Union area. They needed a wayfinding system to guide an eventual 27,000 employees to offices and amenities in a 30-sq.-block area. And they had two requirements: Don’t use our name on the signs, but do add “Easter eggs,” moments of surprise and delight, to the wayfinding. Grab your basket, we're going hunting.

Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments [Intro to 3-part series]

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)

Thanks to the growing use of evidence-based design in healthcare environments, elements such as natural light, views to nature and clear wayfinding are becoming the norm in hospitals and wellness centers. Art also has an important role to play in healthcare spaces—and in a three-part series, we explore its power in supporting wayfinding, creating a sense of place and easing stress for patients, families and staff. Explore Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments.


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