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Melissa Hanley

Melissa Hanley is a principal and co-founder of Blitz. She performs many roles in the studio but primarily Melissa Hanley designs. When she not working on projects for innovative local technology workplaces and global retail, hospitality, and product brands, she spends her days managing operations, brand, and project delivery strategy for the studio.

Melissa Hanley is the CEO and Principal of Blitz in San Francisco
San Francisco

Experiential Systems

Experiential.Systems provides niche analysis, design, development, and tender management services to architects, interior design firms, developers, agencies, and private clients.

Highly collaborative and complimentary services include:

  • Wayfinding Analysis & Sign Design
  • Themed & Branded Environments
  • Public Art & Feature Experiences
  • Precision 2-D & 3-D Technical Illustrations & Renderings
  • Conceptual Development, Programming, Documentation, and Tender Management


Joseph Licari

Nearly a quarter century within the experiential design & graphics realm, Joseph Licari provides niche design and management services to Architects, Interior Design Firms, Developers, and Private Clients.

Highly collaborative and complimentary services include:

Joseph Licari
Experiential Systems
San Leandro, CA

Diane Burk

Diane Burk has just returned from a yearlong around the world Design Sabbatical. Check out Diane Burk's design blog "Design to Go". Newly inspired, she's ready to explore fresh opportunities in museum consulting, design correspondence, design forums and education...

Diane Burk, Museum Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium in San Francisco
San Francisco

Mikaela Couch

Mikaela Couch is a Graphic Designer with Gensler in their San Francisco office.

Mikaela Couch has been with Gensler in San Francisco for about 3 years. Before she joined Gensler she was Design with the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma for 2 years.

Mikaela Couch completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a concentration on Design and Visual Communications at the University of Oklahoma.

Connect with Mikaela Couch on LinkedIn.

Mikaela Couch, Graphic Designer, Gensler, San Francisco
San Francisco

Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart is an art director and graphic designer in San Francisco. Her passion for environmental and experiential design took root on the beaches of Cannes, when she spotted the custom tent erected for the Da Vinci Code. As she sat in the hot sun wondering how this enormous black vinyl pyramid received enough ventilation to house a premiere party, she vowed to one day create brand experiences that were both entertaining and functional.

Lauren Hart
L E Hart Design
San Francisco


Splash! is a team of award-winning designers, account managers and skilled craftsmen dedicated to the exhibit, environment and event industries. We take extreme pride in our product, our people and our relationships with everyone we do business with.

Whether creating or fabricating a trade show exhibit, developing a sophisticated corporate environment, or branding a convention center for a corporate event, Splash! empowers our clients to fulfill their creative vision.

Andrea Guzman

Andrea Guzman is Director of Program Management at GNU Group with 17 years of experience, developing, planning, managing and implementing design and construction projects for healthcare organizations and real estate developers. As the senior program manager for healthcare assignments, Andrea Guzman has been key in stewarding dozens of large scale, multi-faceted projects. She leads the GNU Group’s Healthcare Studio’s program management team.

Andrea Guzman, GNU Group
GNU Group
San Francisco


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