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Hunt Design - Harvest Moon Studio

Photo of Vasquez Rocks exhibit

Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.), with Harvest Moon Studio, created an interactive visitor center for popular Los Angeles County park Vasquez Rocks, a familiar backdrop for television shows and movies. The 2,000-sq.-ft. permanent exhibit introduces visitors to the trails and rustic rock formations of the famous landscape and features Tataviam artifacts, a large topographic map, and displays of historic and natural information.

Podcast | Multi-Lingual Solutions

Podcast Wayne Hunt + John Bosio


What you will learn

Symbols, multiple languages, interpretation, and print graphics all have their place in making environments that are accessible to multiple language groups. This course focuses on solutions that have worked to combine human resources, kiosks, printed materials, signs, and environments. Strategies range from single language solutions responsive to a universal audience to solutions that respond to niche demographics.

Hunt Design - Golden Gate Bridge

Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.) helped celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge with giant graphics and colorful wayfinding designed for the bridge’s anniversary party. The four-mile-long site featured super-scaled sign towers, decorative banners, and stage decorations. Hunt Design also planned and designed the popular Bridge History exhibit of huge murals, interactive exhibits, and artifacts. 

Hunt Design - Childrens Hospital LA

Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.) designed colorful signage and wall graphics for the new Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The program integrates wayfinding, donor recognition, and child-friendly wall graphics that reflect Southern California’s distinct natural surroundings.

The Hunt team worked with ZGF Architects to create the program for the state-of-the-art facility, which was recently honored by the Los Angeles Business Journal as Best Medical Project of 2012.

Hunt Design - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.) planned and designed all-new wayfinding signage and thematic entrance graphics for the recently renamed and rebranded San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The graphics greet more than 1 million annual visitors to the 1,800-acre park.

The firm was recently awarded a project to develop site-wide wayfinding for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, one of the largest zoos in the Midwest U.S.

Pasadena Unified School District

Merit Award
Pasadena Unified School District, Hunt Design Associates

The aim of this project was to remind the public in the Pasadena School District about the many improvement projects underway in local schools. Many of these improvements were indoors and not visible to passersby. Designed to be attention-getting, these signs were installed for 90 days to identify 40 school construction sites. The signs feature a "transparent" design to see through to the school, and were fabricated using low-tech materials on an extremely modest budget of $400 each.

Hunt Design


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