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Alex Meiser

Alex Meiser is an Environmental Graphic Designer. Alex enjoys creating meaningful experiences where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and something unfamiliar becomes a favorite. He strives to create emotional connections: that feeling of being a part of something larger than ourselves; a sense of intrigue; the need to know more, to linger, to learn. His education and experience combine 2-dimensional graphic design with the design of 3-dimensional products and environments.

Alex Meiser headshot

Kate Wendt

Branded Interiors

As Director of Interiors with more than 30 years of experience, Kate is a highly motivated, creative and versatile interior environmental designer for commercial, healthcare, and education clients.

Kate Wendt, Tsoi Kobus & Associates

Anthony Vitagliano

Anthony Vitagliano designs experiences and, more often than not, in a public space. As a Director of Experience Design at Digital Kitchen, Anthony Vitagliano is responsible for creating meaningful engagements between people and brands. Anthony has created work that has earned several industry awards including one Emmy nomination, Best in Show at the SEGD Global Design Awards, and a Design Grand Prix at the Cannes International Creativity Festival. He has led projects with clients such as The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, HBO, Los Angeles World Airports, Target, and Coca-Cola.

Anthony Vitagliano, Digital Kitchen

Shari Berman

Shari Berman is a founding partner of Evidence Design, an award-winning museum planning and design firm in Brooklyn with a reputation for innovative thinking and outstanding design. A seasoned exhibit planner, graphic designer, and art director, Shari is skilled in designing and executing complex exhibition graphic that span a broad range of subjects in science, technology, and history. As director of 2 dimensional design and media, Shari oversees all interpretive and environmental graphic design, as well as the integration of design programs throughout project media.

Shari Berman, Evidence Design
Evidence Design

Ellen Bean Spurlock

With a combined background in both Industrial Design and Exhibition Design, Ellen Spurlock has, through the course of her career, found a passion in helping clients and colleagues effectively utilize the creative process – identifying a problem and cleverly solving it through exploration.

Ellen Bean Spurlock
Washington D.C.

Katelyn Ungashick

Out of the box fabrication

Your ideas are the very essence of how the story of your environment will be told. Success at Jon Richards Company depends upon the careful and deliberate capturing, nurturing and crafting of your ideas. And so our entire project methodology is intended to bring your best thoughts forward, note them and then carry those thoughts carefully through the rest of the creative process.

Katelyn Ungashick, Jon Richards Company, Inc.
Los Angeles


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