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Curious About the ROI from Xlab 2019?

Xlab 2019 takes over NY on Nov. 7-8.

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Xlab 2019 is almost here and with Halloween coming up, we want to make sure you see the greater value in registering for Xlab than buying yet another massive spider for the lawn and purchasing your seventh bag of candy "for the kids." (No shame here. We just think you might like the food in NYC better.)

That being said, let's get to the real ROI from attending Xlab in Brooklyn, NY, November 7-8.

The Crossroads San Mateo

The Crossroads San Mateo

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Using a customized version of Unreal Engine, the video game software that renders 3D simulations with uncannily accurate physics, ESI Design (New York) created three reactive-media digital panoramas that evolve constantly, responding to the presence of visitors, live weather data and other stimuli.

ESI Design Renovates Portland’s Historic Power + Light Building

ESI Design Renovates Portland’s Historic Power + Light Building

Oregon’s Public Service Building, built in 1928, was designed by renowned West Coast architect A.E. Doyle. The building was once the home of Portland’s main power station and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was recently renovated by ESI Design (New York) for the building’s owner, real estate investment firm Beacon Capital.


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