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Zach Childs

Zach Childs is the Design Director at Downstream in Portland, Oregon.

Zach Childs goal is to provide excellence in design and to further his experience in the field of architecture and related design disciplines.

Downstream is a confluence of ideas, and a forum for curious questioning:

Zach Childs is the Design Director at Downstream in Portland, Oregon.
Portland, Oregon


Envoy is a connected customer experience consultancy that builds brand and digital experiences. For over a decade, Envoy has helped partners put their competitive advantage at the forefront through imaginative and innovative unified experiences across every touchpoint, providing leadership in brand strategy, digital commerce, websites, digital products, digital environments, and marketing and media.

Aubree Topai

Aubree Topai is an Event Manager at Sketchup, one of the most popular 3D modeling and design tools in the world.

Aubree Topai is a creative leader who specializes in digital marketing and event management in Denver, CO. With over seven years of experience working in corporate events she has learned that events require creativity, flexibility, on-the-fly problem solving and a get-it-done mentality.

Aubree Topai is the Events Manager at Sketchup in Denver, Colorado
Boulder, CO

Lukas Fitze

Lukas Fitze joined iart, an award-winning immersive design & engineering studio headquartered in Basel in 2017. He runs the company’s New York outpost and works with the Basel office to develop global strategy. iart  has built a reputation for seamless integration of the digital into the built environment, generally pairing with architects, artists, developers, museums, and brands to realize creative visions using emerging technologies, and enhanced interactivity.

Lukas Fitze
iart ag
New York

John Moss

Serving as the Head of Design at Envision, John Moss is an experienced design leader with over 17 years of experience in retail, exhibit, interior, wayfinding and experiential design. With a proven knowledge in creative strategy, vision, and management he understands the level of professionalism and communication required for success in this field.

John Moss, Envision


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