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Jack Hulme

Jack Hulme joined Gable as a Senior Project Designer in a strategic move to expand their comprehensive wayfinding and design package offerings. He brings over 25 years of experience in environmental graphics with leading architectural and design firms as a Senior Project Designer and Project Manager. His portfolio of experience will help improve efficiencies within design-build projects while maintaining design integrity.

Jack Hulme
Baltimore, MD

Daniel Croci

Daniel Croci is a Manager of Experiential Design at ANC in Brookfield, CT.

Daniel Croci graduated from the University of Buenos Aires School of Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design and a Masters Degree in Design.

Daniel Croci started his career as the Creative Director at Lind Design International before becoming the Owner of Croci Design in New York and the Manager of Experiential Design at ANC.

Daniel Croci is a Manager of Experiential Design at ANC in Brookfield, CT.
Brookfield, CT


Diversified is a leading global technology solutions provider delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to connect today's leading enterprises to the global marketplace. Our expansive yet unique team of industry experts partners with clients from a wide array of markets to help them achieve the highest performance levels, enhance their operations, increase productivity and drive ROI.​

Bitro Group

Bitro Group is a manufacturer of advanced lighting products for signage, display, branding, and architectural applications.

At Bitro Group we strive to be "Your LED Lighting Partner" by offering professional grade products to meet your lighting and signage needs. Our Channel Letter modules, Light Box and Cabinet Lighting products are in great demand by our customers for traditional industry applications.


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