Content Management Systems

Content management refers to the processes and technologies used to support the collection, management, and publishing of information, particularly in the digital realm. Digital content can take the form of text, images, video, audio, and multimedia. These assets are managed via computer programs that allow publishing, editing, and modifying content from a central interface.

The Role of Content in Experiential Graphic Design

Content is the buzzword of the 21st century, the term that has been co-opted to represent the constant flow of information from social and traditional media. In branding and business communications, it is information that leads consumers to discover, engage with, and consume brands. Content can lead consumers to brand experiences or can be the experience itself. Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable information to a specific audience in order to acquire customers.

What is Placemaking and Identity?

The Mexico Olympics Graphic Identity and Placemaking design by Lance Wyman

Placemaking is the design activity that uses communications to create experiences that connect people to place. Identity design creates a strong sense of “you are here” by differentiating a place or space from others through the use of graphic elements such as type, color, pattern, video and motion. Placemaking and Identity design use the combination of physical features sometimes natural and others man-made, people, function, history, culture, and potential that make the place unique to accentuate the experience of and identity of that place.

Smart Cities?

Smart Cities is a concept that encompasses the integration of digital and sensing technologies within a city with an increasing social and entrepreneurial capital or knowledge. This is what distinguishes it from a more technology only laden city scape. A smart city tries to use technology to deliver and help solve peoples problems within a city through the addition of the intelligence of the inhabitants of the city itself.

What is Digital Screen Media

Digital screen media is the visual content specifically designed and formatted to be delivered from digital screens such as LED, LCD, and projection screens either indoors or outdoors in corporate and public spaces. This content has been specifically designed for the environment in which it will be displayed, for instance on billboards and signs viewed at a distance or screens in a retail environment that will be viewed from close up and are increasingly becoming interactive.


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