Meet Electric Coffin at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle

Meet Electric Coffin at 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle!

Patrick “Duffy” De Armas and his partners at Electric Coffin are in the business of bringing fine-art sensibilities to commercial spaces, and they’re unapologetic about their improvisational process and their point of view. If that display of a 1960s ski chalet turns left and becomes a pink bakery, so be it. We spoke with Duffy about his Seattle studio’s process and purpose, and we got project photos you’ll love. De Armas will be a featured speaker at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle!

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle

Design Thinking at the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle

In the business world, Design Thinking is now considered the gold standard for providing truly user-centered outcomes. In the world of Experiential Graphic Design, it is driving a shift from creating objects to creating strategies and processes for meeting user needs. SEGD’s first-ever Design Thinking workshop will happen during the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11. Justin Molloy (SEGD) and Nils Wiberg (Gagarin) will guide you through the Design Thinking process and transform your ways of thinking about your work!

Planning and Designing an International Gateway [at SEGD's 2016 Wayfinding Event]

SEGD Wayfinding Event, April 14-15, at Miami Intl Airport

With the goal of improving the customer experience for its 40 million annual passengers, Miami International Airport has recently completed wayfinding packages for its North, Central and South Terminals using standards developed by Labozan Associates. The key challenge of the program was to reduce signage to reduce clutter--without compromising wayfinding ease. MIA is the site of SEGD's 2016 Wayfinding Event April 14-15 and this is your chance to tour the airport and learn from the challenges of planning and designing this international gateway!

Seattle Scheming: Natural Beauty, Urban Cool

2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle, June 9-11, 2016

Forget the plaid shirts, the grunge rock and the overpriced coffee. Seattle is SO much more than that. Drop your preconceived notions and enjoy the surprises in store for you in this cool urban center shaped by art and culture, technology and innovation. Add in the Jet City’s breathtaking natural beauty and…what’s taking you so long? Get registered for the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle June 9-11!

We know you’ll want to add a couple days onto your trip, so we checked with the locals about the best things to do and see while you’re there!

Your Map to SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event [April 14-15 in Miami]

SEGD Wayfinding Event, April 14-15, 2016

Where can you discover the latest apps and digital signage technologies being used in airports? And learn how human factors research should be informing your next healthcare project? And see the latest in wayfinding/branded environments hybrids in workplaces? You’ll want to find your way to Miami April 14-15 for SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event! Here’s your map.

Hear that Sizzle? Things are Heating Up for the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle

2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle, June 9-11, 2016

Heads up, the 2016 SEGD Conference: Experience Seattle is coming your way June 9-11! From the Boeing Dreamliner to fashions by Luly Yang Couture and kick-ass projects from Electric Coffin, the conference is guaranteed to inspire, educate and connect you with your design community. And we're not even started yet: There's also SEGD’s signature project tours, a new Design Thinking bootcamp, the Experiential Learning Series and not one but two (!) Design Improv sessions. We'll break it down for you here.

Solving the Healthcare Wayfinding Puzzle with Research and Empathy

Brigham & Women's Hospital Wayfinding (Cloud Gehshan Associates)

With a background in human factors and cognition as well as design, Virginia Gehshan, FSEGD, has directed Cloud Gehshan Associates’ wayfinding programs for numerous healthcare facilities, campuses, park systems and cities. Her practice is founded on a user-centered approach that employs rigorous research and analysis, a methodical design process—and the recognition that empathy, not signs, is the most important element in wayfinding.

SEGD Wayfinding Event: Take Home the Three V’s

SEGD Wayfinding Event, April 14-15, 2016

Wayfinding for transportation environments calls on all the fundamentals of the discipline, with a very crucial addition: the element of time. To create a truly comprehensive, highly functioning wayfinding system, Jim Harding, Gresham Smith and Partners, says you need to consider the three ways airport users will receive the information. He’ll focus on the Three V’s of Communication for Transportation Environments at SEGD’s 2016 Wayfinding Event April 14-15in Miami. You’ll want to be there!


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