Why Exhibition + Experience Should Be On Your Radar

Read Time: 2 minutes

This month,  a broad SEGD community of exhibition designers, curators, technology integrators, fabricators, brand managers, design faculty and students are tuning into the 2020 SEGD Exhibition + Experience event. We’re just one week in and this year’s modified E+E is already a hit! The interactive workshops lead by global thought-leaders, inspiring Global Design Award case studies, intriguing weekly prompts, and engaging virtual project tours are just some of the featured agenda items this year.

Here are four reasons why this year’s E+E should be on your radar:

1. This is the only comprehensive event focused on this practice area with an agenda developed to provide the insight you need to design the most effective, engaging and balanced exhibition and experience projects today. If you’re thinking, “I’m busy now, I’ll attend a similar event later in the year,” let us be the first to tell you; you won’t find another event like E+E — especially now that we’ve extended it to include an entire month of experience content centered on distinct prompts which set the tenor of events each week.

2. This month will be chock-full of examples, ideas and discussion on very topical issues in the field. We’re giving you access to Joe Marianek, Barry Pousman, Aki Carpenter, L’Rai Arthur-Mensah, Jason Bruges, Marco Rašić, and many other award-winning designers and global thought leaders. If you’re thinking, I can catch up on these ideas in some other way, we would be compelled to reply that there’s nothing like being there. You can read for weeks or watch videos, but you can’t replicate the energy of a live event, or the interaction with participants, the exclusive tours, or the opportunity to personally ask your burning questions.

3. If you’re looking to build your network of potential collaborators for future projects, there will be a wealth of experience and know-how represented among attendees and presenters at this event…and students interested in joining the field, too! Through interactive workshops and happy hours, we’re bringing you fun and easy networking opportunities to find collaborators, all with the goal of creating exhibitions and experiences that matter.

4. Enjoy and gain a more comprehensive understanding of exhibition and experience design from the four virtual tour/discussions offered during with this event. (That’s right! No need to sacrifice one tour for another. Attend them all at no extra cost!) What’s more, our tours offer the perspective of the exhibition designers and the opportunity to understand the process behind it. (and you can experience it all from your couch!)


Don’t let another day of E+E pass you by, see the full program and register now!

Special thanks to Color-Ad and CREO Industrial Arts for sponsoring this month-long, content-rich event.