What Attendees Are Looking Forward to Most at 2018 SEGD Branded Environments

In less than two weeks, 2018 SEGD Branded Environmentswill kick off in Las Vegas. More than a hundred design professionals have already made plans to attend this year’s event.

From the compelling line-up of speakersand exciting tours to valuable networking opportunities and access to the DSE show floor,there are so many reasons you should make sure you’re at this year’s event. But don’t take our word for it.

We asked the speakers and attendees: “What are you looking forward to most at this year’s Branded Environments event?” Here’s what they had to say:

“As a Design Principal at Perkins+Will and Southwest Discipline Leader for our Branded Environments Team in Atlanta, I am most interested in hearing from the various industry leaders regarding exploring new ways to connect to their client’s audiences in meaningful, interesting and innovative ways—ways that go beyond traditional communications and digital applications, and instead, provide physical places and spaces where users can manifest emotional participation within.”
—Keith Curtis, Branded Environments Southeast Regional Discipline Leader, Perkins+Will

“I work mostly with interior service retail experiences with some exterior signage/branding, so I’m most interested in the sessions that deal with exterior/urban branded environments. I hope to be inspired by the strategy behind those projects and be able to bring fresh ideas for our interior experiences, and/or expand our exterior presence in new ways. I’m also excited for the tour of Downtown Vegas.”
—Jeff Johnson, Senior Environmental Graphic Design, Adrenaline

“Connecting with like-minded clients and practitioners who believe in the power of identity and place.”
—Greg Nelson, Principal & Owner, Altitude Design Office

“My business partner and I are most excited to learn more about digital signage. We took in as much as we could last year, and we’re eager to do that again this year. It’s also nice to share insights and inspiration with like-minded designers from across the country.”
—Jill Spaeth, President, Citizen Creative

“Between DSE and SEGD, we have a ton of friends, which unfortunately, we don’t get to see too often. With all of us converging in Las Vegas for a few days, it’s a great opportunity to catch up, share new memories and plan some exciting ways we can all work together in crafting unique digital experiences that help augment the physical environment.”
—Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder, OpenEye Global; SEGD President

“It’s my first time at an SEGD conference, so I’m looking forward to everything: the people, the sessions, the conversations. I’m especially interested in the sessions on “Place-Led Branding” and “Physical Experiences Along the Journey,” because I live in Albuquerque—which is revitalizing its downtown area now—and these sessions are a perfect match.”
—Rosário Durão, PhD, Owner/Leader, CityLab Design, LLC

“Getting to see what people around the country are doing! The SEGD community is such an inspiring one, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been up to.”
—Erin Williams, Rios Clementi Hale, Director of Experiential Design

“I’m looking forward to shaking hands with the digital signage gurus.”
—David Acevedo, Industrial Designer, Cuadran Design

“This is my first SEGD event, and I’m looking forward to hear from the speakers and seeing the leading trends in branded environments. This is an area that we haven’t fully explored yet, and we are always striving to enhance the client experience.”
—Mike Hua, Application Specialist, BrandActive

“Seeing the friendly faces who tirelessly run, organize and support SEGD.”
—Danielle Lindsay-Chung, Senior Designer, Uber

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