Take a Look at the Bright Side—15 Vibrant Projects

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In the midst of a global crisis or two, things can feel a bit…well…dark. You could use a break: Why not take a look at the bright side for the full-spectrum of technicolor-infused EGD inspiration? We’ve highlighted (pun intended) 15 vibrant projects over the last 5 years that are sure to put a smile on your face, make you reach for your shades, or both! 


Cayton Children’s Museum | Los Angeles | 2019 | Altitude Design Office
With a mission of teaching community values and social responsibility through immersive play, Cayton Children’s Museum celebrates diversity and inclusion with environmental graphics, analog and digital media designed to spark imagination and inspire community engagement.

Scholastic, Inc. | New York | 2018 | Pentagram
This program celebrates Scholastic’s centennial in 2020 and is part of a renovation that updated the interiors of the headquarters, integrating famous characters into the architecture in a variety of materials and media so that the space feels vibrant, witty and joyful. 

Dolby Gallery “Metamorphosis” | San Francisco | 2018 | Leviathan
Audio technology and compression specialists, Dolby Laboratories commissioned a digital art installation for their newly renovated public gallery space that would reflect its business ethos and inspire employees, partners and visitors.

LinkedIn Mountain View | Mountain View, Calif. | 2017 | Gensler
Using humor, wit and a touch of weirdness, the Gensler design team developed fun locally focused themes that reinforce LinkedIn’s global mission. Vibrant, delightful graphics tell a powerful story without being too literal.

Deep City | New York | 2017 | HUSH, The Zoo at Google
This illuminated and colorful three-part installation explores the transformation of individual human data. Sensors capture physical, voice and motion data points, which are turned into 360-degree light, color and image visualizations that can be further analyzed through an app.

Fashion for Good | Amsterdam | 2017 | Local Projects
The C&A Foundation engaged Local Projects to create their launchpad exhibition about sustainable fashion, designed with sustainable materials aimed at enabling the widespread adoption of good fashion practices; this temporary exhibition was brought to life in just eight weeks.

MahaNahkon CUBE | Bangkok | 2017 | Pentagram
The CUBE has a square façade, spanning 10 stories that are fully covered with LED displays. The building’s custom screen is divided in cassettes that align with the columns of the building structure, and each is used to accommodate content as a monospace element.

DZNE Signage System | Stuttgart, Germany | 2017 | Büro Uebele Visuelle Kommunikation
For the design of the wayfinding system, the designers used the ancient image of human encounter with color: giant brushstrokes on the wall. The brushstrokes were used to code the different areas as the building volume is split into three individual buildings with several departments.

Graffiti Nature–Still Mountains and Movable Lakes | Minneapolis, Minn., | 2017 | teamLab
This vivid immersive room combines a participatory drawing and scanning experience with a virtual ecosystem of colorful and responsive flora and fauna. Visitors can see their handiwork come to life as they move in the space.

Google Wayfinding | Kirkland, Wash. | 2016 | Studio Matthews
Google has committed to having clear cohesive wayfinding in their offices around the world, communicating their brand and values through bright colors and textures—effectively guiding both visitors and Googlers to their destinations.

KU Design Week | Lawrence, Kan. | 2016 | University of Kansas (Students)
To create a visual identity and build excitement for the Design Week events in February 2016, the design team created and installed a series of poster walls, each featuring mini design challenges, inspirational quotes from influential design masters or lighthearted design jokes.

Spring Garden Connector | Philadelphia | 2016 | Cloud Gehshan
A long underpass was notoriously dimly lit, dingy, depressing and despite hundreds of thousands of people passing through the space monthly—it didn’t feel safe. Thankfully, it received a dramatic illuminating makeover.

DinoStomp | Fort Worth, Texas | 2016 | Ideum
The bright interactive transports up to 10 users at a time to the Mesozoic era, where playing with dinosaurs—who each have their own personality—is possible within a 3D landscape staged on a giant screen.

T-Mobile Arena | Las Vegas | 2016 | Populous, Populous Activate, Selbert Perkins Design, Daktronics
Trying to out-dazzle the Las Vegas nightlife is a tall order, even from inside Vegas. A bright pink beacon, T-Mobile Arena’s 9,000-square-foot LED video mesh façade is a monument to the desert city and luxe digitally integrated experiences.

Pathways | Seattle | 2015 | Studio SC
How do you create a thoughtful, dramatic public installation that is simultaneously high-science and curiously low-tech? “Pathways” was designed for the Allen Institute for Brain Science—its imagery represents the discovery happening within.


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