Fashion for Good Launchpad Exhibition

Merit Award 2018

The C&A Foundation engaged Local Projects to create their launchpad exhibition about sustainable fashion, designed with sustainable materials aimed at enabling the widespread adoption of good fashion practices. Based in Amsterdam, this temporary exhibition was brought to life in just eight weeks, from concept to installation—in advance of the final exhibition to come in 2018.

The temporary exhibition occupies two floors of the space, while the rest of the building is a buzzing incubator where industry leaders and innovators can collaborate. Key retail industry players will gather to foster conversation. Together with visitors, these leaders will start a movement that reimagines the way fashion is designed, made, worn and reused.

The Launchpad categorizes “good” fashion into 5 discreet categories: Good Water, Good Energy, Good Materials, Good Economy, and Good Lives. Together, these 5 goods form the pillars of the Fashion for Good Movement, and are woven throughout every exhibit space. 

The eye-catching exterior of the building features a commissioned art installation by Magda Said, an American textile artist. Made of cascading hand-woven scarves and colorful patterned window displays that entice visitors inside, the entry hallway introduces visitors to the current state of the fashion industry and the challenges it poses to people and the environment, while also aiming to inspire visitors to create meaningful change. 

The Activation Room seen in the front window display of the building invites visitors to express themselves within a landscape of whimsical of hanging clothing sculptures and mission-driven slogans. Printed with largely sustainable potato vinyl and water-based inks, this immersive space offers a full takeover of the entire room with colorful patterns inspired by fashion textiles, and gives visitors a way to declare their commitment to sustainable fashion by taking a photo and uploading it to their social media profiles.

Following their time on the ground floor, visitors can head upstairs to the story forest and learn about key industry leaders working across the "5 Goods" (the core themes of the exhibition) that could change the industry from the ground up—from rethinking how raw materials are sourced, to how water is used and how people are treated at every stage of the supply chain. The story forest can also be easily modified into a colorful canopy, opening the room into an event space. After learning about innovation at the industry level, visitors are invited to contribute to the Fashion for Good movement by filling in colorful cards corresponding to the 5 Goods and hanging them on the wall. This community-building activity challenges visitors to reflect on their own habits as fashion consumers, and what they can do to make a conscious change in their own lives and the industry as a whole. Finally, a theater space will showcase films and documentaries that highlight key issues and players in the Fashion for Good movement, starting with Laura Siegel’s film Traceable, playing through Fall 2017.

Jury Comments: 

"Bold and with a great back story, this exhibit is a great project with great heart and really fun design. It brings a smile to my face."

"A fun and engaging experience that educates and allows users to leave their mark."

Design Firms: 

Local Projects


Fashion for Good

Open Date: 

April 2017

Photo Credits: 

Local Projects / Christiane Patic

Design Team: 

Local Projects Exhibition Design Team: Jake Barton, L’Rai Arthur-Mensah, Jennifer Ball, Elvira Barriga, Rona Binay, Charlotte van den Bosch, Anthony Dong, Francie Grogan, Laura Huaranga, Kristin Lovejoy, Theo Pinto, Kate Watson, Danny Well, Andrea Worby

VISSCH+STAM Project Management: Erik Schilp (curator, project lead)

VISSCH+STAM (coordination): Pepijn Reeser

BCG (coordination): Max Roest


Kubik, Fiction Factory, Wat Je Ziet

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