Just Announced! New Speakers to check our at the 2021 SEGD Branded Environments Event

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Just Announced! Cheryl and Sheldon – NOT a new band but new speakers added to the 2021 SEGD Branded Environments Virtual Symposium – NEXT WEEK Sept 29-30!  Get your seats today! Learn more about their upcoming presentations…

Cheryl Catterall, Creative Director, Moment Factory

Cheryl Catterall has specialized in heading up multidisciplinary teams to deliver high-impact experiences, exploring the impact of digital storytelling on the experiential identity of a space. The heart of the matter for Cheryl is the seamless layering of digital media as responsive architecture in order to express the evolving nature of a given space, while the users are the pulse whose collective energy bridge the physical-digital divide. Cheryl will be sharing case studies in her presentation: 

Delivering Meaningful Environments – Creating impactful brand experiences through digital placemaking

In the last 18 months, through our increased reliance on digital technology, the notion of community has shifted, and we, as designers, brand owners and clients, can become instigators of change, to welcome the collective back into the public spheres.

The challenge is to create authentic spaces, where value and meaning reside, and people feel connection and agency within them. In this talk, I will discuss how multimedia activation can foster an experiential identity at different scales to cultivate wellbeing, bridge the digital and physical divides, and adapt to emerging patterns as communities grow and develop around it.


Sheldon Scott, Artist and Global Head of Purpose, Eaton Workshop

Sheldon Scott lives and works in Washington, DC. His fine-art practices plays in the intersection of Race, Sexuality and Economics, while impugning mythologies of Black Male supernaturality. His works includes Performance, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Spoken word, Creative Nonfiction, Objects, Video and Ephemera. He currently serves on the boards of Teaching for Change, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Transformer, and Woolly Mammoth Theatre. He has been instrumental in the creation and mission of Eaton Workshop as the Global Head of Purpose at Eaton Workshop, expanding into new locations across the country and globe. He will talk about the vision and mission of that work, in his session:

Social Justice and Hospitality: Eaton Workshop

Eaton Workshop is redefining the definition of guest and the guest experience, combating racism/ableism/sexism through hospitality, and building equity into everything you do and stand for.

During the pandemic when most hotels and restaurants closed, Eaton closed to guests but remained open to serve as a beacon for their city, serving as mutual aid for local municipalities and Red Cross site, providing space for printing PPE, and a temporary home to artists throughout Washington DC. This is a model that has the potential to redefine the hospitality industry for the better.

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