Insights into Sessions—Xlab 2019

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So, you’ve taken a peek at the 2019 SEGD Xlab event agenda. (Long story short, Xlab is the cutting edge of experiential graphic design. We’re covering everything from the present, the progression and the future of EGD. Let’s go!)

You’ve read about the incredible Xlab speakers we’ve got lined up for this year. (Who’s the keynote again?)

You’ve persued the list of tour options and, let’s be honest, you’ve got your eye on one or two and don’t want to risk losing them to someone who registered last minute. (Not an early riser? We’ve still got a few afternoon tours available, but you want to email Jennette with your preferences fast!)

Now you want to know, what EXACTLY do those headers on the agenda mean as far as content?

You’ve read this far, you deserve more session descriptions. Let’s dive right in!

Sessions will take place Nov. 8 at the BRIC in Brooklyn. New session details are as follows:

Session 2: Edwin Schlossberg, President and Principal Designer at ESI Design

Present State of Experiential Design

Learn about the present state of experiential design through the lens of an interactive pioneer, Edwin Schlossberg. Ed will discuss his latest work designing the experience and exhibits for the new Statue of Liberty Museum, in conversation with Debbie Millman, the host of the podcast Design Matters. 

Session 3.1: Andy Van Solkema, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Experience at OST

Exploring How We Learn to Be Creative

We have moved into a world where technical drivers of “If we can do it” have been replaced with “Why we should do it.” This has resulted in a fundamental shift in how creativity plays a role in business and education. A number of programs and models have emerged for how we prepare students, but what is ultimately happening? Call it “Growth mindset” “Design thinking” or “Creative problem solving” I will explore what this all means to education and learning.

Session 3.3: Christina Lyons, Chair FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design, SEGD Board & Academic Task Force Chair; Brenda Cowan, Professor FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design, Fulbright Scholar; Michael Stiller, Adjunct Professor FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design, Principal/Owner upLIGHT Design

Coalesce, Cross-Pollinate, and Deconstruct: The FIT Experience Design Experience

A look inside the FIT Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design Program to see how faculty, students and industry are working together to transform the future of immersive storytelling, placemaking, and experiential environments.

Session 4.1: Mary Franck, Senior Designer at ESI Design

Generative and Data-Driven Environments

An approach to using computational design to make meaningful experiences.


With so many exciting session topics, it would be a shame to miss this year’s Xlab! See all available session descriptions on the Xlab 2019 detailed agenda.


Xlab 2019 launches Nov. 7 with experiential tours, then continues Nov. 8 with a full day of speaker sessions, a keynote address and many networking opportunities built-in. See you there!

Thank you to our Xlab 2019 presenting sponsors, AVIXA and DCL!