Celebrate Earth Month! Five Award-Winning Projects

Read Time: 2 minutes

April is Earth Month—and April 22 is Earth Day—and SEGD is celebrating by revisiting five award-winning projects focused on environmental awareness and sustainable design. Each project was designed by an SEGD member firm and received an Honor or Merit Award at the 2020 and 2021 Conference Experience.

SEGD’s 2022 Conference Experience—scheduled for June 16-18 in Portland, Oregon—is just around the corner. Want to see which projects win Global Design Awards this year? Then make plans to join us in Portland today!

In the meantime, enjoy learning about these five Earth-conscious Global Design Award winners from 2020 and 2021.

Arctic Adventure: Exploring with Technology

Honor Award 2021, Moment Factory

This experience illustrates how our global climate is changing through diverse augmented learning zones that empower visitors to undertake research with the aim of comprehending how climate history is recorded in the ice.

Copenhagen: Sustainable by Design

Honor Award 2021, West Chester University

Denmark has been steadily investing time, money and effort into sustainable solutions for the problems presented by climate change. Eleven students and two professors from West Chester University (Pennsylvania) traveled to Denmark to learn—and learn from—Danish Design by visiting castles, a type foundry, an internationally famous brewery’s image design team and three very sophisticated art museums. Their studies culminated in an exhibition on campus.

Climate Converter

Merit Award 2021, DOTDOT

This immersive space features walls and floor projections mapped in a mesmerizing New Zealand-esque environment in the delicate style of paper, with city skyline to forest floor cycling through extreme weather events made increasingly familiar by the growing impact of climate change. As visitors walk into the space, native ferns on the floor part and make way for them. If they pause and stand still, a curious origami kiwi comes to peck around their ankles. The environment references not only native flora and fauna of the country, but also the installations nearby in the exhibition.


Merit Award 2021, 23Design, Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd

The team transformed a 4,580-square-foot space to demonstrate the beauty and sustainability of renewable energy through interactive technology. The major challenge of this project was disseminating knowledge about power generation and renewable energy into multiple experiences in audio-visual and interactive forms for visitors of all ages.

Hobsonville Point Habitat Markers

Honor Award 2020, Isthmus Group

Hobsonville Point’s Play Strategy was devised to create a habitat for people and wildlife, encouraging children and people of all ages to connect with nature through play. The design provided an opportunity for meeting and socializing, discovery through play, pausing, resting and contemplation. The experience attracts attention and reveals natural environments that are connecting people to place at Hobsonville Point—a medium-density suburb designed with the infrastructure necessary to generate a socially successful and sustainable community.