5 Reasons Why Being an SEGD Member is Way Better than Going Back to School

It’s that time of year again… Say goodbye to long days at the pool, weeks at grandma’s, and staying up until all hours. Hello to Trapper Keepers, slam books, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils in the morning. Oh, the pain of getting up early and the anguish of that summer reading not quite completed.

Becoming an SEGD member—or rejoining this month—is WAY better than getting sweaty in gym class. It’s really as easy as A-B-C:


A: It’s all about you.

With free Member Bios, SEGD is all about promoting Brand You and making you more visible (and successful) in your professional community and beyond. SEGD is THE most targeted way for you to advance your career. Member biosshow up on every page of the SEGD website, getting more than 10,000 impressions and 1,000+ reads/year!

B: Lots of free stuff.

As a card-carrying SEGD member (well, there’s actual no card, but you get the idea), you get free webinars (sign up once for a year’s worth!), free video content (SEGD’s version of TED Talks), and free website content (features, themed content, and member news posted daily!), not to mention SEGD’s award-winning eg magazineand the new academic journal Communication + Place.

C: Students rule.

With SEGD’s new membership structure, students can join our dynamic, global, multidisciplinary community for just $45/year,and can attend all SEGD events free and enter the Global Design Awards for free! (Yes, we said free!) Sure beats the cost of tuition. And you just might meet your next employer.

D: We’re here to inspire.

SEGD’s roster of inspiring, thought-provoking and market-focused educational eventsis designed to educate you and stretch you to new career heights. From cutting-edge digital technology to traditional wayfinding and from exhibition design to branded environments, you’ll learn something new at every SEGD event. You’ll also meet the people driving trends and shaping the future of experiential graphic design. (They’re pretty cool. You’ll make friends to sit next to at lunch!)

E: Our website means business.

SEGD.org is the locus of the SEGD community and the place where members can access the latest and most valuable information about experiential graphic design. Need a collaborator on one of your projects? Want to benchmark your work against other members’? Researching projects in your client category and want to get inspired? SEGD.org is indexed by areas of practice, client verticals, and EGD/XGD fundamentals—providing a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Web traffic eclipsed 3 million site visits this year! That’s gotta be an A-plus.

Wait, there’s more. Renew or join this monthand get a chance at a free Firm Listing. That’s a $500 value that brings you over 30K exposures/year on every page of our website!

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(Photo: Robin Lopez)