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Communication + Place is the official research journal of the Experiential Graphic Design community. Published online, the journal features articles from both academics and professionals advancing the XGD profession through creative research, curriculum development, project reviews, and user-centric testing.

2018 Papers

2018 SEGD Communication + Place Lisa Fontaine

This paper presents the results of a curricular approach that provides graphic design students with an opportunity to engage in extensive observational and participatory research to better understand user experience in interactive museum exhibits. Conducting research in museums can circumvent many of the difficulties associated with user studies in a classroom setting.

2018 SEGD Communication + Place Deborah Beardslee

This paper focuses on developing assignment and project experiences for undergraduate graphic design students that progressively fortify their understanding and skills related to experiential graphic design problem solving.

2018 SEGD Communication + Place Chad Eby

This paper outlines an historical-theoretical framework, an approach for teaching beginning students “just enough” of these sophisticated processes to make meaningful smart objects, suggests a set of tools and resources to facilitate that approach, and highlights some of the obvious and less-than-obvious pitfalls encountered so far at the conclusion of the second iteration of the class.

2018 SEGD Communication + Place Sandra Gabriele et al

This paper reports on a study consisting of a physical walkthrough and simple tasks performed by users as a way to expose weaknesses in an existing wayfinding system at a university athletic complex

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