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Communication + Place is the official research journal of the Experiential Graphic Design community. Published online, the journal features articles from both academics and professionals advancing the XGD profession through creative research, curriculum development, project reviews, and user-centric testing.

2017 Papers

SEGD C+P Journal Julia Seo

Resource Garden is an educational project designed to re-evaluate and transform the search-experience of academic/scholarly resources within post-secondary libraries. It allows students to explore their research topic across a variety of disciplines to gain a greater breadth of background knowledge and a critical perspective.

SEGD C+P Journal Victoria Baird

Making the Invisible Visible was a project that surveyed recent examples of alternative exhibit spaces and methods that have been successfully utilized by parks, museums and event organizers. Making the Invisible Visible was a project that surveyed recent examples of alternative exhibit spaces and methods that have been successfully utilized by parks, museums and event organizers.

SEGD C+P Journal Sanchita

An exhibition that encourages co-creation, grows and evolves over time, with it being a different experience at every instant. Through this design, participants are able to collaborate, create and enjoy a personal stake in the exhibition as they become an integral part of its evolution. 

SEGD C+P Journal University of Houston

EGD is a valuable tool for beginning graphic design students to gain awareness of the direct relationship between design and place/community. Two of our lower level seminars, Art of Walking and Text in the Landscape, aim to achieve this.

SEGD C+P Journal Neeta Verma

This paper outlines a pedagogy for introducing students to the design process specifically in the area of Social Design. In a fast paced world where the established paradigm of defining a designers’ role is evolving rapidly, this paper elucidates the need for and presents a theoretical framework for a pedagogy that has been developed to help emerging designers understand the role they play in design practice today. The extended idea of design education is meant to shape the mindset of young designers as they prepare for the professional world outside.

SEGD C+P Journal KT Meaney

Collaborating with the non-profit Groundwork Cincinnati Mill Creek, students proposed a sign system along a major industrial riverfront — the Mill Creek — for its current and future trail system

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2018 SEGD Academic Summit

2018 SEGD Academic Summit
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