2022 SEGD Academic Summit Call for Papers

2022 Call for Papers

Every year, SEGD issues a Call for Papers inviting academics, educators, researchers and design professionals to submit paper abstracts that address the latest issues, trends and innovation relevant to the field of experiential graphic design. Submission requirements and important dates are detailed in the 2022 SEGD Academic Summit | Call for Papers.

Recent papers featured developments and advancements in design curriculum with a focus on transforming the search experience, alternative exhibit spaces and methods, and introducing students to the design process. See recent published papers in the 2021 Communication+Place | SEGD Academic Research Journal.

Submit your abstract to Joell Angel-Chumbley, SEGD Academic Task Force Chair. The deadline to submit for the 2022 Academic Summit is March 9, 2022.

Once received, your abstract will be reviewed by the SEGD Academic Task Force. Leading the SEGD Academic Task Force is Joell Angel-Chumbley, an adjunct faculty member at University of Cinncinati’s DAAP program and Supervising Lead, Experiential Graphic Design, DOTE, Division of Architecture + Urban Design. “Over the past two years our global community has faced unprecedented challenges that have tested our views on racial and social justice, healthcare systems, technology and communication platforms – to name a few,” says Angel-Chumbley. “The Academic Task Force invites leading-edge educators, students, and practitioners to submit papers that thoroughly examine complex global topics and pushes the EGD industry forward with new ways of thinking, teaching, and practicing.”

Selected papers will be presented virtually on June 29-30, 2022 at the 2022 SEGD Academic Summit.

The 2022 SEGD Academic Summit, on June 29-30, 2022, will virtually bring together educators, students, researchers and practitioners from the field of experiential graphic design.

Papers presented at the Academic Summit will be published in SEGD’s online academic journal Communication+Place, which features the latest peer-reviewed experiential design research and innovation from leading global academic institutions. Papers presented at the 2022 SEGD Academic Summit will be featured in Communication+Place.

“The Academic Taskforce’s Mission is to promote knowledge of experiential design, academic trends, professional practices, curricular innovations and tested research,” continues Angel-Chumbley. “Communication + Place peer-reviewed and published papers contribute to advancing our mission and provide content-rich industry resources for our global members, educators, students, and practitioners.”

To learn more about SEGD’s Academic Task Force, and view videos of previous Academic Summit Presentations, explore here.