The Future Workplace of Google

For the people who work in them, offices should be more than just a place to work. They can be places where they make a connection with others, the brands they do great things for, and the building itself–especially when historically significant. Google’s new, sustainable office building at 237 Moffett Park Drive (237 MPD) is just such a place.



Practice Area


The Challenge

Google is committed to operate carbon-free by 2030. 237 MPD, home to Google Cloud employees, was designated to lead this initiative in sustainable construction, design, and workspace. Google chose for 237 MPD’s architecture and development to adhere to guidelines set by the Living Building Challenge, whose standards focus on creating buildings that are regenerative and healthy for the people inside, while also being completely self-sufficient.

Project Vision

With hundreds of rooftop solar panels, 237 MPD is designed to generate more energy than it uses. Google’s mission is to organize and simplify the world’s information, so it was imperative the team bring this to life in an unexpected experience. As guests traverse the lobby, an installation that first appears to be random freestanding sculptures, soon evolves with movement. This anamorphic sculpture ultimately resolves into the Google Cloud logo; an evocative moment where complexity is rendered into visual simplicity.

Simplicity from complexity. The resolved view of the Google Cloud logo.

The first view inside the employee entrance. A computer history timeline exploding out of the CDC 6600 supercomputer once housed here in the 60’s.

The vestibule timeline walks guests through Silicon Valley computing highlights from the past to current. Leaving them with a message to “Build Beyond Possible” themselves.

Helios. A live data sculpture that compares the building’s energy consumption with the energy it harvests from the sun. A transparent way to display sustainability results & engage employees.

Design + Execution

Incredible things happen in this building every day, and also its past. By celebrating the rich innovative history at 237 MPD of its original tenants we provoke thought and dialogue with current tenants too. The team tapped into 237’s live energy data–a Google first–to create a light sculpture that illuminates the building’s real-time energy consumption and the energy harvested from the sun.

When approached, it lights up a center panel showcasing the data details. This active installation helps spread our green story, inspiring employees to learn more and think about their own contribution to sustainability.

The Pulse, an interactive message board or “water cooler moment” that engages employees in community Q&A and factoids about sustainability and the local area.

Educational touch points throughout the building reveal its history and architectural intention through a series of data driven, steel, and cast concrete signs.

An in situ, didactic sign describing a reclaimed art piece from a local artist.

Project Details
I appreciate how Google is taking a bold stand towards sustainability encouraging and inspiring their employees to keep their environmental impact in mind in creative ways. It is also an opportunity to hold the company accountable on its promises.
Juror 1
Design Team

Matt Hexemer, Claudio Guglieri, Ian Burns (executive creative director)
David Clarke (chief design officer)
Elaine Dickson (senior content strategist)
Vesna Jocic (ux design lead)
Victor Bogatch (creative director)
Tu Vu (copy lead)
Griffin Olmstead (senior strategist)
Gino Nave (motion design lead)
Christopher Fairchild (associate creative director)
Nicole Kuang (gvp, editorial)
Kelsey Cordutsky (visual design lead)
LeeJay Dunphy, Sarah Paulhus (senior visual designer)
Chris Allen (creative director)
Jack Douglas, Alexis Demachy (senior art director)
Taylor Smith (group director, strategy)
Michelle Campbell (vp, strategy)
Michael Arguello (associate creative director)
Borys Chylinski (senior designer)
Zach Goldstein (senior tech lead)
Genki Hagata (associate director, technology and emerging experiences)
Marc Maleh (managing director, technology)
Miguel Cruz (technical lead)
Rose Cortico, Sean McInerney (gvp, technology)
Claire Jackson (executive producer)
Tiffany Dickson (general manager)
Mark Manning (chief operating officer)
Shu Jin Soon (program director)
Tyson Knowles (senior project manager)
Derrick Miller (associate program director)
Steven Medcraft (group program director)
Zach Saale (creative technology lead)
Milanie Cleere, Group Director (data science & analytics)


Photo Credits

Open Date

July 2021