Funan Mall

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Project Vision

Creativity and culture intersect at Singapore’s newest experiential retail playground – Funan Singapore.

Conceived as a ‘game-changing’ retail experience unlike anything else in the country, Funan, a $560million mixed-use development, was envisioned as an experiential civic hub – integrating public spaces, commercial functions and cultural facilities within its urban location. Tapping into a new generation of tech-savvy consumers in search of inspiration, experiences and creativity – Funan is a socially conscious and creative environment that boosts a sense of connectivity, innovation and experimentation – all under one roof.

Positioned as ‘Singapore’s intersection of creativity and culture’ the project provides signage, wayfinding and placemaking features that help navigate spaces, activate places and imbue the development with a unique sense of character. These include a dedicated bike path that allowed cycling through the building’s porous ground floor environment 24 hours a day, a first for Singapore, together with full end-of-trip services including bike shops, lockers and showers.
Healthy living is further encouraged by the 2,500 sq m rooftop, approached by a series of ‘green’ stairs and which features Singapore’s largest Urban Farm, dining garden, futsal court and outdoor leisure areas with city views.

Creating an ecosystem of lifestyle activities, and building on an established brand, custom typography was developed with intersecting forms and infill patterns that create a distinct signage and wayfinding system that covers parking, retail, office and external applications.

With community & connectivity at its core, the new Funan creates an experience like no other – with authentic experiences that reflect a new breed of consumers seeking out maximum engagement beyond the traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping mall.


Project Details
Design Team

Simon Hancock (executive creative director), Charlie Bromley (head of environments / design lead), Zaidi Lee (technical & production lead), Jon Zhu (senior designer), Angeline Lee, Brandy Du, Katie Bevin, Christine Wurth, Patrik Typpoe (designer)

Project Area

82,000 sqm


Woods Bagot (architecture / interiors), Grant Associates (landscape architects)


Fuji Signcrafts (signage fabrications)