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Project Vision

The Microsoft Museum presented Girvin with the opportunity to affect all facets of the design process, from the upfront strategy and content organization, through space planning and environmental design, to interactive and video development. The result is a cohesive and seamless environment that aids in understanding the Microsoft brand message. The space is organized into four zones, each detailing a different segment of Microsoft’s business, from consumer products to office software to learning tools to corporate history. The pixel, a core element of the brand graphic standards, served as the form generator for both the exhibit structures as well as the information graphics. All exhibits are designed to accommodate the ever-evolving Microsoft story through PC-generated graphics displayed on monitors and acrylic graphic panels suspended via aircraft cable.

Project Details
Telling the story of an over-exposed icon in current life is not easy. This is a measured and disciplined effort to tell the story directly, in an intimate and friendly environment. The basic warm and neutral palette is brightened by a series of colored illuminated acrylic boxes. The time drum is especially effective as are the cabled panels. The overall effect is to make one want to go there and read about it even though one may feel overexposed to the brand.
Juror 1
Great meeting of a forward-looking product line with a playfully retro aesthetic in the colorful Plexiglas shapes.
Juror 2
Design Team

Tim Girvin (Principal in Charge), Jeff Haack, Jeff Lancaster, Laurie Vette, Damon Law

Design Firm



HOK (architecture), J. Miller & Associates (lighting)